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  1. I think it would be fun if genshin characters birthdays would have a small quest attached to it with the whereabouts in the letter, like a mini hangout quest.

  2. hoyoverse announced another electro female character
    a true story

  3. #GIM
    Raiden : You will all die.

    Aether : ….

    Raiden : Try my food please.

    Aether : Okay

    "lumine in the abyss"

    Lumine : AETHER DONT

  4. Me trying to save my keys for story quests… spends them one on Tito’s story quest before I can even save

  5. #GIM
    2.2 : introduces tsurumi island and has a long quest to discover it and must be cleared twice
    2.4 : introduces enkanomiya and has a long quest to discover it and and event in 2.6 and must be cleared twice

    players in the chasm in 2.7: chuckles im in danger.

  6. Thumbnail: Traveler is gonna be broke real fast at Ei's rate

    Me: That's why "The catch" is the best f2p weapon for her

  7. #GIM
    Me: ooh so many new characters! Yelan, Ayato and Kuki shinobou what could possibly stand in the way?

    My primogems, Already wanting old characters,
    Childe rerun, NEWS FLASH A$$ HOLE

  8. #GIM

    Ninngaungg: Minding your own buisness is free..

    and I see you’re still too broke for that.

    Childe:But I ran out of money..

  9. #GIM
    The plot: Is not long.
    The side quests: is long-ish.
    The big side quest: Is impressively long.
    Zhongli: My E is longer.

    Nothing is as long as the amount of time needed to fall down a hole in the Chasm without dying.

  10. #GIM

    Ayaka: Brother do I look ugly

    Ayato: Nonsense I'm looking at you right now and your the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen

    Lumine: Brother do I look ugly

    Aether: Very much

  11. Traveler : I'm not gonna forgive Fatui, they tried drown the city by unleashing evil god, causing civil war in other people's country so they can use the soldiers as guinea pig and trying to raise a coup d'etat in another city
    Also Traveler : I'm gonna save Fatui. It's not like they ever attack me, trick me or causing any problem for me at all

  12. #GIM
    Vacuumable enemies in abyss: Exist
    Me: FINALLY! It's time for you to shine dear Lumine!
    Genshin: I'm about to end this man's whole career!
    Auto-target: a cicin
    Hotel? Trivago

  13. Razor in the eyes of some fans: hehe electro harem boi
    Scaramouche, who's going to be playable electro character someday: I'm going to ruin this fanbase's whole career

  14. #GIM
    Zhiqiong: Is so committed to adventure, she nearly kills herself
    The gods: ready a vision
    Zhiqiong: Fine, I'll stop my self destructive ways.
    The gods: unready a vision

  15. #GIM
    Me: "I really hope I don't meet another NPC who makes me cry."
    Hoyoverse: introduces a lovable adventurer who rushes into the dangerous Chasm
    My heart: chuckles "I'm in danger."

  16. Nice vid as usual but did anybody get four [email protected]#$%&! ads during this video? And all were for Google ffs. Was about to smash my phone but that meant I couldn't watch the rest of the vid….

  17. #GIM

    Me: Come on, it isn't that hard Hoyoverse, release a Mondstat event with actual plot and that doesn't somehow connect with Inazuma or has any Liyue characters hogging space.

    Hoyoverse: I can't do it… I need that social credit.

  18. It was really funny that there was this girl who helped me to get to Inazuma but I had literally no idea who she was and then it turned out that I havent even done the side quest whitch one she was in.


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