Game Streaming is FINALLY Coming to iPhone & iPad!

Apple has modified and added a few App Store Guidelines (3.1.2 and 3.1.3) to explicitly allow for game streaming apps such as Google Stadia and Project XCloud, but they come with a few caveats.

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  1. Let's be honest, Apple doesn't really care about rating, they just want these games to be purchased through their store so they make money.

  2. The argument is that apple doesnt do that to Netflix or hulu and do you know how many games are on these streaming networks the way around is what they all decided to is say forget apple lets just make it browser friendly and people can play through the browsers. I’m invested in the iOS eco system but I’m only tied to my iPhone i do have a iPad but I’m not tied to it like my iPhone i would easily get a android tablet and be just as happy because I can still get all my social and media content plus all my movie and tv stream but add game streaming natively and even do emulation, matter of fact why the hell do i even own a iPad i should be on an android tablet

  3. Moonlight is a straming app for your local pc ore with vpn on the go. But why did apple alow this app?

  4. This is all bs Firstly, microsoft are going to have to submit a 100 apps. Knowing apple each app is going to take months to get approved, even assuming they get approved is a big If knowing apple's monopolistic ways. Aslo downloading each app defeats the purpose of cloud gamming anyway.

  5. Bruhhh they can use parental controls just like netflix through the actual netflix account settings same for Microsoft and sony

  6. I have a iPad and iPhone and I am really disappointed. If they don’t change it, I gonna change my equipments

  7. If the parent set up the controls on xbox then their child would be limited to what they can play, this is up to the parent to educate their family because they have to when they set it up on the console system

  8. The ratings thing is BS it’s like someone said if that mattered than how is Netflix streaming a show like “cuties”

  9. Absolutely ridiculous, do you see Netflix having to have every tv show and movie as a separate app NO, what about Spotify having every song as an app NO! Game streaming is no different it just streams audio and video the same as Netflix and Spotify do. As for ratings, every game is already rated by the ESRB. Microsoft will never go for this and Apple are arseholes when it comes to gaming 😡😡

  10. Apple is dumb. I hate google with a passion which is the only reason stopping me from switching for this one issue.

  11. The App Store is full of malware and hacks I got on iOS because I heard it was safer , I’m not buying another Apple product after this .

  12. The rules are bull, apple just wants their money, they don’t give a crap about ratings, Netflix has a crap load of movies that are not safe for kids.. its all about their shitty apple arcade. They’ll loose business if xcloud comes in to play..

  13. Defeat the purpose of having the game streaming app. Apple is doing to much. Who going to want to download every single game.


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