15 SECRET Apex Tips You NEED To Know!

15 Helpful Secrets to Know in Apex Legends!
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Apex Legends 15 Secrets!
15 Secrets in Apex Legends Season 12
Apex Legends 15 Secret Tips to KNOW!

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  1. 68% of you aren't subscribed, that's cool. Come back if you want to see more tips though!

  2. they need to make it so ps4 dont get paired with pc or the new ps5 or xbox. i barly get 60fps yall get like 100 fps its a unfair advantage for peaple like me who cant afford the new shit… also matchmaking is shit in apex

  3. I can't help but notice your voice is very annoying it's like raspy / high pitched like your balls are having a struggle dropping.. don't even know what your talking about cuz I'm seriously trying to figure out what the F is going on here?! Anyways good for you doing YouTube videos but if you want some coaching on how to fully let your manhood drop hit me up. It's not embarassing to ask for help but having a voice that is this irritating and the music that is just not fitting I can't even finish everything I wanted to say in my comment lol good luck brotha ✌️.. or sista! 🤷‍♂️ and who pins there own comments on there own channel on the own videos?! lol

  4. Its funny how respawn can make mirage decoy footsteps specifically loud but they cant make real players footsteps loud, havent they mentioned that they cant fix the audio in the game but this is somehow a thing? Maybe im wrong

  5. the gibby shield not being stuck by arc stars is a biproduct of the jump pad and caustic gas stack on his s hield being removed

  6. Been playing since day one and didn't know about Gibbys arm shield negating grenades! Good stuff

  7. Great video,very informative an most things I didn't know. 1 tip I know is you can heal an shield while sliding an falling. Helps save time an get you back in the fight quicker. Most people probably know this though.

  8. I play on controller and changed my heals to down on the d-pad… it’s a lot easier to press/hold when you’re moving/sliding to pick what you need on the fly.

  9. 3:00 Bonus Tip #16 – When Finishing enemies be sure to drop a voice line to let them know they got got beat by a real gamer! (You know I had to make this comment xD)

  10. Magazines and Clips are factually 2 different things tho.. educate yourself on guns, kiddo

  11. I got steam rolled by a team yesterday on xbox, the wraith that killed me was mangosintrees. This is who i have to play with the sbmm of apex, so i decided to take a good break from the game. Extremely difficult playing 65k or more kills with 20 kill badge and 4k damage when you have a lifetime kills of 6k lol. These people have 80k kills as ONE legend. The match making is just flat out terrible and benefits better players, hence why they pub stomp. Nothing bad on mangos though. Just the game is set up for us to lose

  12. If you play on steam controller you can set buttons to act as individual heals. Excellent and would recommend it. (Without having to remove any default settings) Changed my fighting gameplay entirely. Down D is cell, left D is batt, bottom left touch pad is syringe, share button is med kit. Play around and dabble. Take a few days to get the muscle memory to kick in properly but it’s worth it.


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