Is it Just Me Whose Apex Games Are Like This? – Apex Legends Season 12

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  1. My games typically start with me landing on the other side of the map. Not a gun in sight. Enemy spawns in from nowhere with purple shields and a fully kitted out Rampage.

  2. So far when rich steals kills ‘why you stealing my kills’
    So far when he steals kills ‘it’s your fault’

  3. For me it feels like the moment me and my team show up every other team instantly turns there attention to us and only us

  4. I swear there is at minimum one great "scene" every vid when you guys collab. That Peacekeeper should be named No Mercy LMAO

  5. You can have a main and play everyone. I play everyone, and I main 3.
    I have at least 400 kills on every legend I don't main. I have 1000- 2000 on my 3 mains (Bang, Mirage, Wraith)
    SoxFar is just being obtuse 😂

  6. your duo is fucking hilarious dude LOL. "You cant main him if you play all of them!" Hes right! Lmao

  7. 2.45, 5.30 that guy has some luck to get into lobbies with so far and itemp twice in one day.

  8. Me and my duo jokingly say "Well, Mom's a fucking liar. She said I wasn't the center of the universe" whenever this happens, which is alot

  9. If u think about it most ppl games are like this you guys are just good enough not to die within the first 8 3rd partys others just start a new game

  10. you two, there should be a show about you two i swear, i watch your feeds just to catch the next episode of this Sh%T

  11. I've had teams to stop fighting just to shoot at me for being the solo player then resume fighting after I'm dead…. even had teams to chase me across the map passing up other teams fighting just to get the solo player

  12. No… I am a magnet for aggression. Teams commonly shoot past or walk around other teams to try and kill me. I actually really enjoy watching games where you lose because it can seem like these things don't happen to you. You obviously post the games where you smash everybody most often because its better content. But that can make it seem like you always get away with things that i rarely do. Like peaking for more than a fraction of a second. Its just nice to know that you get disintegrated sometimes too.

    Happy gaming

  13. Def have to agree with you rich… you can play every legend but also have a main legend!! Sooxfar holds this L

  14. “My grapples a trash” while casually 180 drifting around corners and mauling enemy teams, lol.

  15. Bro does main pathfin der pathfinda he reviewes them all but as far as games he mains pathfinder 😂

  16. Out of curiosity, is there a logic in UK English to why you sometimes use "me" in place of "my" like at 3:07? Or is that just like, an accent that occasionally pops out? Not trying to poke fun, I just love the differences between how things are said by Brits, Yanks, and Aussies

  17. Getting pissed with aped just keep giving me shitty ps noobs 5 games team m8s with under a 100 damage its a joke

  18. My team is always the one focused and I’m not joking, we always have the worst luck as well it’s so weird.


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