I created an IMPOSSIBLE Domain in the Divine Ingenuity Event | Genshin Impact

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Enviosity plays around in the new Divine Ingenuity Event in Genshin Impact 2.5. Envi creates an impossible stage in the new event. If you can clear the domain, leave a comment down below.

The ID to the domain is 30664772991
He also made a harder one: 34959740287

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  2. I'm trying to find one where like you need to go into the bubbles to complete it 😭

  3. Took me about 20 tries but I did it! Now… time to make others suffer through it-

  4. As someone else said
    touch some goddamn grass you mf- 100m tries till i reach the end of this domain

  5. I know this won't mean much but I want to have this be remembered for myself that I beat your domain with 2 seconds left.

  6. My 2 Hardest Domains on EU Server (I think only one person completed it so far, gz to you):
    Maze Dungeon: 17909519718
    My High Difficult Dungeon: 26499454310

  7. this is possible by using a bug in this game and unfortunatly only creator can use that bug… iWTL made a video out of it

  8. i did the first one now i am determined to do the second one will keep you guys updated

  9. Seriously anyone really find his domain fun? He hardly put in any effort to make it. If this isnt ‘Envi’s domain, no one will give a 50 cents about it

  10. Envy sounds like badboyhalo so much I literally thought it was him when i first started watching

  11. So I’m gonna guess there’s some kind of cheese before I watch the video. You cannot publish a challenge domain that you cannot complete and if this was published there is a way to beat it

  12. They should keep this in the game, but also keep adding to it like being able to add enemies, bosses, more buff pickups, or items to collect

  13. These are the types of events I want to remain permanent in game. I get it why events like windtrace are limited event since after a certain time they can feel repetitive. But this event is totally upto players imagination and creativity, so it can never get old.

    I really want to polish my domain building skills through this event but 2 weeks is not enough time for that.

  14. This is the equivalent of the super Mario maker levels that are just a shitload of firebars

  15. I like how they require the creators to solve the domain before publishing so creators can't publish random unclearable bs🤣

  16. U can actually beat it, but the problem is dat my phone runs like 15- 20 frames per second


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