How To Find YOUR Main In Season 12 Apex Legends!

How To Evaluate WHO To MAIN in Apex Legends Season 12!
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How to find your Main in Apex Legends
Who to Main in Apex Legends
MangosInTrees Apex Legends
Find YOUR Main In Apex Legends Season 12

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  1. Im ass at this game and can't aim even when my life depends on it. However frim experience, I've learned that the best solo queue legends are Valk, Bloodhound, and Lifeline. So far every lifeline I've come across is cracked at this game but she’s good support. I main valk but if the squad is like octane and mirage, I choose bloodhound. Hopefully this helps because people don't exactly tell us which legends to use if we are new or bad at this game.

  2. Crypto is suprisingly good for an offensive player. Opening fights with an EMP hits enemy shields for 50, and slows them briefly. If you're able to keep their focus on you, your drone can continue to give you their real time position. As Crypto I'm able to know where enemies are, what weapons they might have, and what legends they are without ever firing a shot. If I see that they have a Fuze/Valk I might ask Wattson to drop her pylon preemptively. If they're moving to low ground, like the stream on King's Canyon, I might hold off until I have the advantage.

    His drone can also be used to prevent third parties, or to at least be aware of them. When in his drone you can look at banners to see how many squads are nearby, roughly within the drone's distance. That means he pretty much always knows how many squads are nearby. If you know that a third may join, you can put your drone up and have it cover an angle while you fight.

    An aggressive Crypto starts engagements on his terms, where he has the highest possible advantage. You will never know when a good crypto is watching you.

  3. i always see people in my matches who, depending on who me or my teamate would pick, would change who they're going to pick. I know you should always have balance in your team like a lifeline to help balance out and rez an aggressive octane or maggie. I know there's more good teams like this and here would probably be the place to go. maybe you should make a vid about this? dunno but that would help me know who to pick

  4. i love ash, i dont use make use of her passive too much but her snare is great as it tells me where ive snared someone and tells me what evo they are on and give me time to run to cover, her ult is great as i can tp onto enemies and half the time they are too busy to notice me, or my team is pushing and i can get behind the enemy to deal descent chip to help my team

  5. I don't want to play lifeline anymore she's just not really viable in ranked but I don't wanna ply Gibby I wish there wasn't just 1 healer

  6. I have changed my main legend soooo many times, that I can use almost every single legend. Gibby and Mad Maggie, I don't really like using them. However, I shd go back to using three legends only because I have a hard time focusing on the legend's role often. The fact that I am always switching legend prevents me from specializing in some area of the game.

    I like to analyze my environment a lot, so a recon legend looks like a very good choice (BH and Seer), but I'm good in defense too, so Wattson and Caustic are not a problem.

    I started Apex being a support type of player because I was afraid of pushing and was putting all of my chances on teammates to do the job while I made sure they stayed alive, so Lifeline was my go-to. Since they removed the shield, Lifeline became a struggle to use, so I left her. Then I switched to Bangalore when I learned how and when to push and started focusing on attacking a lot. Season 5 is where I learned to use recon and defensive legends with BH and Caustic.

    I have a lot of problems taking a decision on who shd be my number 1 now because I don't know what is my real playstyle anymore.

  7. Hi im new to the game i did watch apex legend for a long time and ever since then i started playing it on mobile ever since it was released(i dont have pc nor ps4)but i dont know how to get other legends such as wattson revenant or loba can u pls tell me how?

  8. Previously a crypto main I’m really trying to main rampart because I like her personality and her ult my play style is I’m the middle of aggressive and defensive taking shots and getting intel so I’m not sure if she would suit my play style for my second main

  9. I had to comment (already subscribed) to let you know that one day of watching yours and ProGuides' videos had me getting kills in every match I've been in since for some time now. Still looking to improve (I played regularly back in Season 3…BIG gap I gotta cover), but I'm finally feeling like I can again

    AND you warned about the clip of you skateboarding well beforehand…now that's just human decency and it wasn't even long…I'm watching that too

  10. Ive never really had a main but if you had to say who I use most it would be Loba .

    Personally I've benched her because or realization due to her kit and posture

    Tactical:way too long not to mention the height isn't great I tend to think of it as octanes old jump pad
    Ultimate: it has good sides but comes with too many issues such as
    The sound and the effect is too visible= painting a target on you, team mates thinks of it as a free priced mall (takes too long looking) and more ….

    Season 12 I've mainly been using Bangalore, wraith, Wattson

  11. I know lifeline is kinda trash but for whatever reason I seem to do my best when I use her. I still haven't found a main character yet. I've used every legend a decent amount other than caustic and gibby.. not a fan of how slow I move with them.

  12. At the very end, bold af to jump that fire hydrant in front of that woman. She was prolly like, da fuck, I’m walkin haaaaairrr

  13. Before i watched this i main octane fuse and seer it all just depends on who my homies play but i always play extremely aggressive but in a tactical sense

  14. Plat 1 really tryna reach that diamond 💎😐 I run lifeline but my team never sticks together

  15. Yk what, I was gonna get Octane to be aggressive and quick but he gets picked all the pissing time especially since it’s my buddy’s main. I reckon I’ll try aggressive Pathfinder and Wraith.


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