There’s lots of great weapons in Apex Legends but today we are looking at the BEST weapon combos in Apex Legends Season 12 that consist of a ton of different apex legends weapons. Apex Legends weapon combos are pretty fun to match up as there are hundreds of combos but our best gun combos in apex legends season 12 comes down to a handful of weapons. Apex Legends Season 12 weapons have changed quite a bit in terms of the meta but I hope you enjoy my best loadout in Apex Legends season 12 video that covers everything from meta to alternate loadouts for fun. Enjoy the best weapon combos in Apex and drop a comment with your combos!

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The Gear I Use!

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0:00 – Lets Get Right To It
0:05 – The Sweat Loadouts
5:30 – Alternate Combos
7:25 – Long Range Warriors
9:23 – Experimental & Skill


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  1. I love to run the rampage with either a car, alternator, or r-99 if im feeling warmed up and sweaty.

  2. I like the car smg dual wielded o set one to heavy one to light and main the heavy

  3. i wish you could still get flatlines and volts on the ground because my main combos were flatline and pk or volt and pk/mastiff

  4. I've been having a blast rocking the Alternator with the 30-30. Really well rounded and fun to use loadout overall

  5. My personal favorites are r301/car and the triple take and the rampage and alternator

  6. my favorite combos is L-star/peacekeeper you start with a shot of pk and switch to L-star then just before it over heat change to the pk and boom you kill someone

  7. If you can consistently hit meaty headshots with the mastiff your gonna get a fast time to kill

  8. R301 and the CAR or the PK. If you get the Volt out of the supply drop, replace the CAR/PK. If you get G7, Spitfire, or Kraber, drop the R3

  9. What I use is hemlok single fire for long range and mid range and r-99 for mid to close range since both have good fire rite especially when you use rb as your fire

  10. Another day another under appreciation of the havoc rifle, I don’t know why it’s not used more in combos. Turbocharger or not the magazine sizes from no mag to purple mag are really high and the damage is higher than that of the r3, pair that with the fact the havoc recoil was lowered and it’s really the perfect main damage weapon that can 1 clip TWO enemies(blue mag or higher). I’ve had so much success in games using wingman/r9/PK with the Havoc and make for some nasty, squad wiping potential.

  11. The flatline is really going under the radar. It’s really cheap to replicate

  12. Amazing video, I love the quality of the edits. And it gets to the point, only giving the useful info. Very detailed, too. Thanks for this vid.

  13. So I’m returning to apex rn, and I run the sentinel in basically every game I can find it, usually pair it with the peacekeeper or car smg. Should I not be using the sentinel lol he had it nowhere in the video

  14. Ok so you might find me Crazy but I Like Car And Hemlock

    The hemlock is really good at medium / long Range. It also does pretty good damage.

    And the Car is fast does damage and is close range.

    Overall you do need attachments but when you find them you will kill anyone in your path

    Trust me try it!!

  15. Right off drop, I love the Havoc + CAR. I don't know why I like the Havoc so much, even without the special attachment, it just feels so good. And then the CAR, basically an r99 but easier to control.

  16. I just hit my best ever damage game with Hemlok/R99. Usually though, I use Hemlok/Car because they are weapons you can use at almost all distances.

  17. Anyone else thought it was funny that he was talking about the car/pk loadout and was like the pk does good damage and showed a clip where it did 9 dmg


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