15 Things You Should NEVER Do In Apex Legends

NEVER Do These 15 Things In Apex Legends Season 12!
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15 Things to Never Do In Apex Legends
Apex Legends Mistakes
Apex Legends MangosInTrees

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  1. Number 6 was conducted by Professionals please do not try this at home, folks!😂

  2. I got a random who screaming that my otter random teamate and I were noob becus he died becus he solo pushes and than I kwamen and won a 3v1 and he was silent after that🤣🤣🤣

  3. The last part.. i literally just downloaded apex 3 days ago,a random got knocked and i got knocked after that,i use the shield and he just straight up told me to die and said im a noob

  4. If both of my teammates die in pubs, and spam ping their banner, I just leave

  5. Rule 16 don't have fun, this game is not meant for fun so try to limit it and sweat as much as possible

  6. The amount of times a teammate has stolen all my loot when I was right by box after they rebooted me is insane,same thing with N.11 and 15,its crazy and the thing is it’s not only Apex

  7. Don’t leave the volt on the package too, you’ll get aped and melted like crazy

  8. Number 15 is something I wish people would practice more in other games I played over the past (CS, DbD, LoL). Some game communities are so toxic that you just always need to defend yourself/mute them in order to be at peace. Great video though!

  9. Looting the same root omfg every solo 9 times out of 10 I need to alter my root just to fiend thay followed you and didn't finishe looting the place I landed graaa

  10. So I can’t complain when I go to phase through a door way and my teammate closes said door while I’m halfway through it which then squishes me against the wall and killing me instantaneously?

  11. Thanks for dropping that point with a dibs. I'm a very supportive and passive player so I don't ask for much. Just let me have my Golden backpack when I dibs it!! 😂😂😂 I'm a lifeline player btw.

  12. Man, if only the random teammates I get saw this…
    All those moments where in ranked I see them going hot zone alone, dying and blaming it on me and the other guy because we were looting

  13. With spam pinging I had a game in ranked solo queueing one plat one gold for some reason while I’m in gold and the gold would spam ping his banner when he died or the beacon even when I was respawning and the plat pinged an enemy not once but spammed the ping about 20 times.
    That game was super frustrating

  14. Omg I just started playing in February I'm lvl 203 now and most of this is common courtesy. And yea I get pissed

  15. #8 5:23
    firm disagree- especially since in the footage you show, you hip fire the mastiff.
    Remember that ADSing with any gun is going to slow your strafe speed. You need to gauge your situation accordingly, balancing the need for maneuverability vs accuracy. Take your engagement ranges into account before you ask yourself "Should I be ADSing right now."

  16. i always land at the edge or at an uncontested part of a hotdrop. it makes me so mad and looses me fights all the time when, especially at the caustic center, me and my teamate are landing at the back, but our third teamate lands at the front with the entire enemy team. they get downed and thirsted and because of that we almost always loose the fight

  17. After pinging where you're landing, IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND FUCKING PING IT. The times the jumpmaster pings somewhere but lands on the other side of the map, leaving me landing alone.

  18. My teammates love to tan my box. Usually leave me a p20 and take my 301 gold mag

  19. # 15 is pretty hard for me sometimes. My randoms can be absolutely brainless.
    Picks lifeline; doesn't heal or res
    Picks valkyrie and dont ult in a super situation
    I shouldnt have to hop on my mic to to tell you to not rush in and heal up cuase you are one shot.
    I'm mostly passive aggressive with them but I drop medkits, ammo, and secure their res first instead of looting but there are some players that bring the worst in me.
    Yeah I get we are in pubs but you had 3 chances to revive me inside a building with ample time and we died cuase it was 3 v 2 and I couldn't do anything about. That's frustrating and infuriating. I put so much effort in protecting my randoms but they dont seem care or have my back.
    Like I revived you and gave you a Phoenix kit , is it really that much expect them cover me to pop a battery in return. It they dont attempt then yeah i gonna rage. Most of time my teammates don't hear but sometimes…. screaming match ensues

  20. And don't be the guy who picks up every scrap of ammo and then complain to your teammate for being a dumbass for being forced to improvise with the starved ammo they got. (And yes, I was asking if they could share some of that ammo with me. All I could find was shotgun and sniper ammo.. because that's all they left behind for me) (:

  21. A good thing to keep in mind is to commit together. If your mates are playing aggressive and do a push, join them. Even if you go down, you did it as team. If your team stays back, stay back. Be a team.


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