REVENANT WITH MOVEMENT IS BROKEN | 23 Kills 5,600 Damage | Apex Legends Season 10

I dropped 23 kills and 5,600 as revenant 😈

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  1. Class how you handled the end of that game. And nice one for using Rev! Just love how you seem to play to any Legends strength. So good man.

  2. Who TF ARE you? Nice movement bro! Keep streaming and you’ll get an audience. If you can develop a friendly personality and copy the streamers that are successful. Try not to be a one trick pony in terms of content. I’ll check in later and see how you do. Good luck!

    Ive played since day one and watched about as long.

  3. gg dude. I love and hate those shaky moments aiming/getting hyped when something good is happening

  4. Just found out about you bro, this is the very first video and you sir are cracked, gave a sub.

  5. bro is good at the game but it's annoying when someone talks about stealing kills when a team is always going to do that when working together

  6. I miss the volt being on the ground use to be soo easy to use and get me a lot of kills


  8. I feel like revenant is kinda mal situational because he works better in worlds edge for example because he can use his passsive more

  9. All I'm going to say is listen to my past 3 day apex dopamine extravaganza……so I Started playing apex going on a little over 3 days ago and yes I've been playing for 3 days straight 😂😆😆….ya know learning the games mechanics and what does what we'll this morning I came across the part of apex where I was learning what heirlooms we're and how they worked… bs after watching 3 YouTube videos on how to unlock revenants scythe I shit you not I buy some apex points to unlock revenant as my main cause f you idgaf ur opinion I like rev……..tell me this isnt a sign from the apex gods……..about a little over 3 hours ago I bought and unlocked a pack while waiting for next game not thinking I would UNLOCK A HEIRLOOM PACK!!!!!do I'm level 20-30 something w a fing scythe people trip tf out….the kid in my party was crying hahahah I was like god damn y'all ready to die for a heirloom then homeboy quits the party come to find out he has been playing this game for 2-3 years has yet to unlock a heirloom…… still won't play a game with me or join my f party…….. 😂 I play Halo competitively and due to the state of halo I figured I'd give apex a try and I'm NGL I'm in love.going to be real with it thinking about switching over to apex after this season with my eSports halo team I might just switch to apex.real talk the apex gods have spoken to me 😂😂😂😂 they said here's a heirloom…destroy….every match I'm only getting better and better…'s so good to feel this feeling about a game once again. sadly it's been a really long time.hope everyone has a awesome f week.

  10. Welp look at that it's another player claiming to be a movement god but all their doing is going to ONE specific building to camp the ziplines

  11. Yo bro I’m trying to main revenant any tips and Can you post a good setting for Xbox???

  12. It’s ok if you miss a little because the way you leave and enter fights again has them scrambling like some eggs my g, ur game sense and awareness is top tier

  13. Pc shouldn’t be able to move faster then other consoles like I’m master and this shit corny fr

  14. My toxic trait is to think I can watch this then go do it! Haha dude is sick with rev!

  15. watched like 10 videos like these in a row great content man I'll follow you on twitch

  16. Thank you for showing Revenant movements in Apex legends I'm a revenant main and this made my day hope you get subscribers soon

  17. We love ramparts stealing all my kills W jesus crybaby 🤣 I'm guessing that's why you solo Q nobody likes playing with you 💀. Just put no fill if you going to be crying all the time 🥲


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