PC players try mobile Genshin Impact

I tried playing Genshin Impact on my phone live on stream! I played with @Zeniet and @antonychenn and it was actually pretty fun!

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Zeniet: @Zeniet
Ant: @antonychenn

use code: tuonto

Editor: Me lol

Thanks for watching 🙂
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  1. Me being a mobile player who mains bow-users: I see everything. You cannot fathom my wisdom.

  2. U guys r using really shitty phones lol, iPhone 12 Pro and 13 would get you console quality experience

  3. I literally cant play anything if it isnt on a phone. I play genshin on a phone and it isnt that hard

  4. Whenever I play Genshin I always make sure I'm directly in front of a fan so it won't overheat

  5. I don't lag at all on my OnePlus 6t. Bro use any android above sdm 845 ull get good experience.

  6. As some one on iPad, I can say that my worst experience is that my screen protector (ridiculously thick due to it being paper texture) suddenly decided nope not letting you dash right now and I die.

  7. All i have to say is.. Mobile players have much more skill because they suffer in pain with lag, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR DODGING

  8. What kind of shit do they play on, you can buy phone that will easly run it for like 200$

  9. The graphics depend on how strong is ur phone I am a mobile player and I use a very good phone and have very good graphics

  10. This is funny because as a mobile player my graphics are very high and my phone functions perfectly. I can personally enjoy the game just as well in my opinion.

  11. Playing on mobile is so easy for me as mobile player, graphics are high and uh

  12. “How to mobile players see anything?” We don’t, we just can’t see anything in game, it’s a black screen then when we hear a weird sound we just spam click wherever we think our attack buttons are.

  13. As a pc and mobile player i like mobile more because its just a pocket genshin loads way faster and is less laggy.

  14. im a mobile player and its fine for me i never tried pc before so i might be noob at pc ones

  15. I love they're on 99 ping and somehow lags😭 mine seriously goes to 999 But my phone doesn't explode only my wifi😭

  16. I play on my IPhone 13 it runs pretty smooth, and I’ve only really lagged once or twice

  17. i always use mobile. am i stubborn, or just broke? anyway, this is giving me second hand embarrassment from how bad your phones are

  18. As a mobile player that has 200h+ that plays on an a12 with lowest sill lagging cant see how much damage i do and having texture bugs on dvalin yun jin signora and raiden im ok with it

  19. Mobile is actually pretty easy. Besides using bow characters??? Pubg was fine but not this😂

  20. My phone lags like hell, and I get kicked out or my gane crashes so often, I wish I can play on my laptop again, but it's broken. (Sadly no I don't have a pc)

  21. mobile players. can live life have a real life outside while playing. and PC players, simply dont have life thats why … hahaha

  22. Thank goodness I play on PC. And when I travel, I bring my gaming laptop with me. It's hard to play games on mobile, even tablets 😅 I absolutely refuse lol

  23. I can relate to Zen when your loading is stuck on half a geo symbol—-

  24. And then there’s me who plays on mobile most of the time (sadly) and feels bad for all the ones who play on pc and try- it’s so hard to watch

  25. I often play on my IPad with graphics at max except fps is limited to 30, and it runs pretty smooth, but I can confirm that also my IPad gets really hot, especially when I charge it at the same time and the display brightness ist pretty high


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