Hey guys, normally I’m the positive one, but this has been a tough week. Met this Wraith on a bad day so was unable to shower them with kindness this time, but hope you still enjoy the tale. I really am enjoying Crypto in Season 10 though, as there is something about his play style with the drone and EMP that I find forces me to adapt my choices around his kit.


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  1. That Wraith obviously wanted to know how much because they wanted to buy their own.

  2. -everyone rotate and stop fighting exept wraith
    -wraith dies
    "how much did you buy theses badges i need to know"
    L M A O

  3. i havent played in 1 year and a half and i have the 4k badge on bloodhound, but i suck rn i got back into apex a few days ago i am so lost so i get trashtalked about it so often lmaoooo

  4. Either my tm8's are 7-11 years old or theyre toxic diamond who dies trying to w every team by themselves

  5. Yo I'm new to the game so when I play using bloodhound it shows there's a 5k damage what is it?
    Is it important or something?

  6. I've actually never had a toxic squadie🧐 but then again stakes arnt real high down here in gold so…

  7. It’s funny how the guy asked how much did you pay for the 4K badge when it’s a bad you earn and can’t buy???

  8. Everyone has god games and everyone has Bronze 4 games, but I feel like when someone gets their 4K or 20 kill badge, don’t assume their gonna be the most amazing players, people are definitely good and has earned the badge, but don’t always assume they have the same level of skill they were having on that day, cause idk about you but I sure as hell don’t play as well as I did 90% of the time when I got my 3k badges 😂

  9. Man got instantly famous for being toxic, anyone that wants to be famous should get toxic 😂

  10. You're doing pretty good with crypto's abilities here. You played him since the changes?

  11. I had a tm8 last night talk crap before the game even started he looked me up and saw my k/d 1.8 this season and was saying I was trash. Dude got knocked off drop and I killed a team with 2 purple shields and then he wanted to be buddy buddy when I went to call him back into the game.

  12. A wraith main that hasn't even got thru puberty and is toxic, sounds like a normal wraith

  13. Honestly people like that dude ruin the game, like bruh I got harassed for picking caustic the day after I unlocked him because I only had like 35 kills, dude was buthurt he didn’t get to play him and left before we took off

  14. I didn't get it right because of the thumbnail, but if you compare a wraith and a mirage, and one of them are toxic. It's gotta be the wraith. (Sorry nice wraith mains)


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