Genshin Impact – Shogun Army vs Resistance Full Fight (Gorou vs Kujou Sara)

Genshin Impact (PC / PS4 Pro) – Kujou Sara Shogun Army vs Gorou Resistance Full Fight #GenshinImpact #Gorou #Inazuma …

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  1. Ganyu: With the blood of the Qilin, I guard you against evil! Cast your fear of injury by the wayside and fight with all your might. I too did this during the Archon War.

    Paimon: Huh… So this is what Ganyu's like in a fight…

    Zhongli: This is Order!

    Sara: Tch!… Retreat!

  2. I hate gorou Throughout the fight I tore myself when kokomi appeared, I was so that pillow in telwizor and this is because I love sarah

  3. Sara during the shogun’s rule of eternity: The resistance will fall. All who have dishonoured the mighty shogun will be punished!
    Sara now: So you need to dust your Raiden Shogun anime figure frequently and thoroughly.

  4. "Careful your facing a really strong oppo-"
    Ganyu beating the opponent in like 2/3 shots

  5. "Be wary, you're up against a powerful opponent"
    Ganyu: Do I look like I need that warning?

  6. Thank for Mihoyo! gives me Raiden Shogun & Kujou Sara character for me.. now i have shogun & sara.. i pull at shogun banner😊❤

  7. Wish we could have fought in this instead of the lame waves of a few samurai they gave us

  8. bro this scene is like from Avengers Endgame final battle, its like Thanos with is army in this case it's Kujou Sara with her army.. Gorou is like Captain America, he was on the battlefield without any hope of winning without backups! Then like Sam out of nowhere Traveller came to fight by his side.. then when they were still getting dominated the final backups pull up & they took the control.. Kokomi is like the mastermind of Doctor Strange who got the brainpower & plan. Beidou like Thor & Kazuha can be compared to Black Panther.. it was like seeing the movie here in Genshin Impact, fight between two great sides.. one side with a solo commander with his army & otherside filled with very capable warriors.


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