The Sudden Growth Of Apex Legends Makes Perfect Sense

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  1. people are giving it another try because most people hated launch apex including me. because it was way to hard. no sbmm made it so people who have never played a movement shooter got absolutely creamed out of their brains. so that’s probably why apex had such a big fall off

  2. funny thing i may download because of apex legends mobile. actually lit on mobile. one of best mobile ports ever snd i didnt originally like apex

  3. You forgot the massive player base Niclmercs brought with him. That’s the main influx. This game was struggling and pretty much dying before he came to the platform. If you remember, it’s was being overtaken by hackers, nothing new had been added in months, and after the Rampart Town-takeover, the game wasn’t even functioning for almost a week because their outdated tech that it still runs on was struggling. That’s the only reason this game got an extension of life.

  4. It’s very simple, lockdown has been over for a while now, and everyone is realising how boring normal life is, so they’re getting back into games

  5. Good game fun to play but gotta say it's gotten so freaking hard I can't even compete with it anymore I struggle with finding friends to play with and solo que is a nightmare. I do like the mobile version but have completely quit the console version

  6. I'm a day 1 Apex player and the thing that gets me coming back is how smooth Apex feels. The movement in this game is top tier and I noticed that the first day I played it and it's only gotten better with the addition of new characters with movement abilities. After playing Apex consistently since its release most other games feel clunky and I can't think of any other game with movement that feels so fluid. Of course that's not the only thing to enjoy about Apex, the core gameplay from the weapons to the abilities to the loot system are all great.

  7. Tbf, this is exactly what happened to Titanfall.
    It wasn't a massive title at launch, but over the years it gradually got more and more players as the entire just core gameplay was fun.

  8. The game is undoubtedly the best BR with best gunplay and movement mechanics but the numbers are grossly inflated by the fact that 1 human can have as many accounts as they want. That impacts matchmaking and experience for many because of the smurfing . It should be mandatory to add a phone number to each ea account to limit this .

  9. Let’s be honest there was 2 bad years of COD but MW2 is coming and all other Shooters might need to step it up as well

  10. I feel like it has a ton to do with general burn out from warzone and irritation from cheaters plus predatory monetization

  11. The beauty of Apex is it's fairly low skill floor but it's ludicrously high skill ceiling.

  12. Apex's popularity will probably just increase with the release of the mobile version.

  13. Played since day 2. It just keeps getting better and I love the lore too. Was totally bored with cod and battlefield and I couldn't build in fortnite XD

  14. I think that with the hero shooter aspect Apex definitely has the most fun core gameplay along with the fact that its easier to get into compared to the others. However I dont think Apex has enough consecutive content to keep people focused on the game outside of the comp scene, I really hope that changes in the future but I cant force myself to play that much anymore due to how dry it feels to me personally.

  15. When I started playing late season 10, on Xbox, there were about 1000 group posts up. Now it averages about 60k

  16. I almost want players to falter so we might have a shot at a titanfall 3. That said up or down I'm not getting my hopes up for it =/

  17. I look at my total lifetime matches and I'm like dang if it were any other game it would have gotten old by now

  18. My opinion
    Steam launch
    I don t like to instal a random launcher that is not clean and im felling like it takes 99% of my gpu ram cpu and all the fucking pc parts in my pc

  19. Apex > Titanfall 2 > Halo 3 > Modern Warfare 1&2 > TimeSplitters > Free2Play fps games from the 2000s > Counter Strike

  20. i cant play any br except apex. everything feels so slow to me that i feel that storm point isnt even slow

  21. Alot of people around me starts to play apex because of there are teams from our region participated in algs recently

  22. Tbh I left apex around the ending of season 1 cause I got tired of it. But me and my friends got back on around season 9 and have been back on since

  23. I feel like this season is definitely underplayed compared to last season. I’ve even stopped playing most of the time

  24. Xbox went from having an average of 2k group posts available to 50k. Idk what happened but I'm all for it


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