*NEW* NA-45 Demonstration + NEW BURST SNIPER ATTACHMENT!! | Call of Duty Mobile | COD Tips

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  1. When you fast 2 shot it looks normal but in my case the screen recoils after first shot

  2. TYSM for this I started using the gun a few minutes ago In Ozuna:confirmed and some dude I shot was running around with a yellow marker and was glowing 😂😂I didn't get it at all and was like "Tf, that's cool but why ain't they dead?" Big thanks bro. Gonna go back and try it out now.

  3. It doesn’t work in ‘Simple Mode” very good at all. Sometimes it fires the second shot but most times not. Then you have enemies running around with glowing yellow things in them and you can never blow them up. To sum it up, a shit gun with garbage ammo and crappy shooting speed. It does not blow up other enemies around the one I shoot. I don’t know how many times I’ve shot an enemy with the first shot, then he just runs away with my crosshairs on him for a whole 4 seconds and my gun doesn’t shoot that second round. I think the idiot that invented that gun is brain dead. If you can’t make a gun function the same in “simple mode” and “advanced”, it shouldn’t be in the game.

  4. I used the NA-45 to absolutely dominate matches. Even with the higher tier players.
    It could destroy chunks of enemies when they're in a pack and when it comes to close range combat, you could literally shoot the ground near the enemy and that's an instant kill.

    But the recent updates nerfd the gun and fire rate is absolute trash. And it has little to no control.
    which SUCKS

  5. They nerf NA.45 why people's are still mad a dlq also kills you.
    And nobody use it nowadays

  6. so, what happened to this three round burst perk? 🤔 I mean, was it taken out, never put in, a joke I'm missing…..?

  7. CODM: NA 45 nerf please
    Tencent: It is only possible because it is suggested only on the Korean server.
    KOREA: ….????????????????????????
    These are the words that Tencent answered when they made a NA45 nerf request on the CODM Korean server.

  8. Why so hard to get long distance kill medal with this gun? Someone please help me !!

  9. The second shot does do damage because I had shot two people with the first shot I didn’t explode the explosion I just had shot it to people and I killed him




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