10 Unwritten Rules Players Break in Apex Legends

10 Unwritten Rules That Players Break in Apex Legends Season 13
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Apex Legends Etiquette
10 Rules Apex Legends
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  1. how to be a real ttv player:
    step 1. pick wraith
    (step 1.5. if you cant pick wraith leave the game)
    step 2. land at the other side of the map
    step 3. get no guns
    step 4. get knocked
    step 5. be toxic because its all your teammates fault
    step 6. they dont get your banner in time
    step 7. be even more toxic
    step 8. leave
    step 9. repeat

  2. Hard disagree with the taking loot thing. Doesn’t matter who gets the kills or does the most damage. Just take whatever loot you need and move on with life

  3. I don't thirst all that often As i prefer to focus on the Active Combatants. Rather then the fellows bleeding all over the place from their recently aquired holes.

  4. 1 more unspoken rule is if I clutch a fight and rez you, then I have to rez the other teammate don't run to every box and loot all the good stuff while I'm getting our teammate up. You are a pos if you do this and I won't rez you next time until I'm done looting boxes

  5. the reason i hate playing with randoms is when they watch tiktok or leave after getting put down

  6. As my rampart says, 'Heres the deal; you get down there, and I'll ruin it," that's how I feel these types of randos are .. that's break these unwritten rules

  7. I killed all 3people earlier today in a game revived both of my teammates prior to looting and one of them was spam pinging enemy when no one was even nearby then took all of the loot. I wish I could've gotten the gold mag or 2x hcog off those boxes of the people I killed….

  8. So I’m guilty to an extent not fully the open mic one. If I’m having a bad day I’ll just play music on my speaker with no care and play the first game that comes to mind. If I notice my teammates are either trying their best or competent I’ll immediately turn it off and help. (Done this twice after having nearly 20+ games where my teammates spam ping, leave matches early, rush in and die, to most recently never dropping medkits/bats.

    I had a lifeline who never dropped their drone when they could have after we finnished the third last squad and we had the time to heal. They took all medkits and bats cells and syringes so as I was scrambling to get something to heal they pushed the enemy team of 3 (final squad) and died and flamed me for not helping.

    Tho to end this story on a good note I will share a wholesome moment I had.
    After I dropped with a squad on in this poor gibby on the enemy team found no weapons and his team ditched him I decided after he didn’t try to run or melee me to hand him a spare I had and run off. This dude didn’t shoot me back and left after doing a lil tbag. Later that match that same gibby made it to the end and after we noticed each other we had a melee only battle for the win (my teammates died and left) I lost but to me it felt that it was a win cause not only side he recognized me he didn’t try to thirst for the win.

  9. Love the vid and glad all this is being said by someone with a platform. Most of last season and this season has been ruined for me because I don't have anyone else to play with so I just solo queue pubs and nearly all of my teammates break all 10 of these rules. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that because it's causing me to lose interest in what has been one of my favorite games for a while now.

  10. I’ve said all these things probably over 100 times within these 3 years of Apex 🤦‍♀️. They will never listen

  11. 💀I wonder who’s going listen to you 😂😂😂🤚🏻☺️bc im grubbing everything I do not care it’s a game to me

  12. I never understood people who solo drop on hot zones, I've never had a guy who does that and last more than a minute. Like, come on dude, you are not a predator level streamer, you are a low-rank nobody playing casual mode just like me (I don't even play ranked and I still find this kind of players). You can even check the no-autofill option (I think it still exist) if you reaaaally want to die on your own, and not waste 2 other player's time while doing so

  13. I like how only when my team clutches is when my teammate had already left the game but when they stay we just lose, kinda ironic

  14. Also dont take items that your teammate crafted and dont spam the "enemy here" ping just to get your teammates attention.

  15. thank you i found this video very helpful i do a lot of these things mostly bc i see others do them to in game, so thanks for the tips!

  16. Honestly I can say I don’t care for his second rule if there’s a Botox and you need loot you loot it it really shouldn’t be a childish to ing of who got the most damage I’ve gave up on the box thing of who gets it because I’ve done matched with 9 to 14 kills and my team thinks I can’t loot.

  17. 1:27 : I'm usually late into fights because teammates are most often allergic to pinging that they're heading out, but I still follow this. I don't honestly see an issue with following this rule, considering I can make due.
    2:13 : Wraith and Octane mains: "I'mma just ignore that."
    2:59 : As a Wattson main, careful usage of abilities is mandatory.
    3:59 : I only keep one stack of shield bats and med kits. I do however hoard Ultimate Accelerates. No one ever uses them, so I feel like I get free reign over them.
    4:48 : I only instantly mute kids… Don't know why parents allow their kids to play Apex, but I still get annoyed when I'm put into a game with them. They're annoying, loud, and overall make the stupidest choices. Also of course I mute the toxic people or just people who feel the need to slurp or smack on food. I came to play Apex, not listen to the most stomach churning mukbang asmr ever..
    7:46 : People should feel free to soak in this rule… Please…

  18. Trees: teamwork is everything so just follow the rules.!
    Also Trees: killing and looting and showing high noticing shooting ability and soloes the whole squad every time.

    Me: that one good guy who played this game over 1588 matches but still can't get over 5kills.

  19. aleight alright i’m only guilty of running off sometimes because my teammates loot slow

  20. Look I’m really easy going but if you loot my box when I die I’m ruining the game. I’ll use my Q or ultimate and guns to make so much noise to attract third parties then I’d just not fight, petty ik, so don’t loot my shit.

  21. Big rule for me: know what guns your teammates are packing (similar issue from the squandering) if you engage a team from a range that only you can fight effectively at, you will doom the team. Coordinate, and let teammates get into effective range before alerting the enemy squad

  22. Caveat to second rule: medical supplies are fair to snatch by a teammate desperate to a heal, ammo too. Special gear is the real issue.

  23. So uhh, remember PUBG? yeah I used to play it a lot, and how often I don't get any weapon in Apex is nowhere near of how often I got only fukin crowbars on PUBG, so yeah, growing up on that insane piece of video games, I'm always aware in Apex about my landing, loot distributions, and zoning, and as fun as Apex is, the players are just way more annoying and dare I say, too self-centered/selfish

  24. God yes, preach it, the damn pings, can you not understand what "watch this area" means? please folks, read, I try to respect people because I usually play in a noisy environment so I only push to talk when desperately necessary, that's why I'm using those pings cause I don't want to annoy you with whatever noise coming through my mic, but god damn are those pings meaningless to them

  25. I generally prefer to use my pings to communicate over my mic. I swear I've literally won more games with randoms who never speak opposed to teammates who overcommunicate


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