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Device – iPad Pro 2021 (6 finger non gyro)


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  1. Don t jump when you want to punch some guys if you jump and punch cheracter Will kick and kicks are slower that punch s !! But nice gameplay

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  3. Very very nice movement and rotation bro other games dont offer such movement very og gameplay and switching to punches is always op bro(SHADOW×MONARCH)

  4. Que grande deberás quiero aprender a jugar como vos espero que tú canal cresca bastante

  5. Pls can u stoo saying its based on a freaking phone.. Ipad pro users should all be good. I use Samsung s22 ultra I get mad frame drops max fps is 60 and I'm on the lowest graphics smooth.

    Ipad pro users get 120fps capped to a lower frame but since the device can go on a higher frame the capped frames are 100% stable..

    Ipad is the best for this game.

  6. 3:49 same thing happened with me but they got invisible 😂😂. Nc gameplay btw the sniping and SMG and ar sprays were so good

  7. what do you think is more effective while close range fights, spamming jump button or crouch button while shooting?

  8. Guys I upload apex legend mobile gameplay too but it is a low end device plsss watch my video and help me

  9. I once died from the bug where your guns can’t be equipped if u wanna pervent that dont stim when using the zipline


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