SOLO Queue Tips For Every Player – Apex Legends

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5 Best Tips for Solo Queuing in Apex Legends Season 13
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Mangos In Trees Apex Legends Solo Queue Guide Season 13
Solo Queue Apex Tips

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  1. "You May Only Hear A Peep Outta Them After They Go Down And Get Mad At You For Not Being A Mind Reader" …. Big Facts Bro … Then They Wanna Spectate Whole Time N Trash Talk..

  2. I've pretty much given up for now. I'm not brilliant but I'm not terrible either but I keep getting paired with tonsils. Tonsils who hot drop or run off of their own. A lot of times I get 1 or 2 kills then die because my teammates died or ran off somewhere else. I usually win my 1 v 1 but I can't win 1 v 3. I'm nowhere good enough for that.

    It's shame. I like Apex but guys who shouldn't be playing this game ruin it. If you want a solo game please go find a solo game, don't play team games if you want to be a solo cock.

  3. Dude we cant use vc on pc bc its so fucking quiet. The problem is even screaming is too quiet in vc theres no possible way to talk to them

  4. I'm gonna have to see proof of that coding you were talking about lol. I leave my pc to do things all the time with only my pre-select legend and no controller input. It tries to make me jump master just as much as it does anyone else.

  5. I’m so fucking tempted to quit. 2k hours in and even more in aim trainer. Don’t feel like I’m improving and I’ve just been getting smashed by three stacks for weeks. Everybody plays pubs like it’s ranked, for such a great game I frequently find myself miserable or angry playing it. Like nothing ever goes

  6. I’m so glad someone is saying everything i been trying to break down cause I really hate solo queuing I find myself talking to myself cause my random teammates never have a mic or they would do a bad push and get mad and leave the game or blame me for them going down

  7. I at least try to stay in game until my respawn times out. Meanwhile some randos push alone, get themselves killed, maybe rant a bit how bad we are and then leave, like dude great idea pushing by yourself and not even waiting for us to pick you up. Or even worse the disconnect while dropping, some are probably because of bad internet but the majority seems to be out of rage because either another player chose the legend you wanted to play or you aren't happy with the comp. That happened in my last game today. Wraith, Octane and me (Fuse), guess who left. In the end the Octane and I got a W.

  8. Not communicating is the dumbest thing to do in a TEAM BASED GAME.. just saying. Social anxiety & playing a heavily team influenced game? Kinda confusing to me.

  9. Bro any time I walk away from my console I’m jump master like seriously every time

  10. Man I've been solo queing ranked just hit plat. No one ever communicates and or just throws so hard it's genuinely making it unfun

  11. I just wanna say that listening to your tips does feel like a real coach is coaching me all the stuff trying to make me a better player and I appreciate that.

    On the topic of discussion, I love that final point you made. Season 13 is the first time I have experienced teammates quitting after they gone down. No matter what level they are some of these bad apples would still do that. Everytime they did while I was winning a clutch moment, I felt a moment of sheer sadness and emptiness that my random teammate would just leave me like that. I imagine the Legends themselves would feel that way and it's more sad than frustrating as time went on. I never left whenever I was down eventhough the second guy left leaving just the 2 of us. I wanna try and I'll die trying to get better at this game.

  12. I really hate wasting my time to recover banners and to find out my teamate exited the game

  13. Not that i don't agree with your tips. Not to sound cynical either but this is what i get often when i solo queue.

    1. I become the jumpmaster.
    A. We land safely.
    B. Team mates ping elsewhere, don't follow my lead, get knocked down and leave. Even in Ranked i get these people
    C. We land somewhere and out of nowhere enemy squad pops up and get thirsty.
    2. It's hard to play for your life without help your team mates against 3 stacks.
    3. I'm a Lifeline main 🙁 2nd Wattson and 3rd Caustic. I'm not that good with aggro legends and do screw with mobility legends somehow.
    4. I do my best in pinging and sticking to pinging alone is fine. Voice chat is not viable. Imagine playing in EU servers where many players can speak English but rest of the people spam their own language or have no grammar at all.
    5. The amount of selfish egotistical players in this game is too high.

    I don't know who to blame. Myself or awful matchmaking.

  14. I had two people split from me when I was jumpmaster, land way away from where i pinged and then came on the mic when they died and blamed me. Loving season 13

  15. Let me tell you something one day I was in a random match and Newcastle passes the jump master to me because he didn't choose his legend. That same Newcastle decides to break off from the jump master and drop a completely different location after that match I dead ass wanted to uninstal the game


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