RogersBase reacts to Kuki Shinobu – GENSHIN IMPACT Character Demo REACTION

RogersBase reacts to KUKI SHINOBU’s character demo from GENSHIN IMPACT!
Character Demo – “Kuki Shinobu: Jack of All Trades” | Genshin Impact

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  1. Roger feel free to have more than 1 or 2 electro characters. Generally in genshin you will need at minimum 2 teams (8 characters) to clear some of the content (abyss). And most people have more teams as different enemies and domains suit different teams.

  2. She's a healer electro so you can put her on the same team with Lisa and get electro resonance.

  3. No problem having multiple characters of one element. For instance, Shinobu is the first electro character that can heal, so if you're building a team that needs a healer and a electro character, bam, put her in

  4. new subscriber here! really love your vibe and commentary! hope you enjoy genshin impact <3

  5. I think you should try reacting the character teasers too. It mostly shows what the character is and their background/personality

    I think you should also react to this one:
    Its Ayaka's demo/teaser when her banner released a second time and its really amazing imo

  6. Don't worry too much about how many characters of which element u need to have right now, just have fun and pull for whom u like!

  7. Lol if rogersbase wanna have a character play like 2B,just use noell lol. Which was a minor controversy back then when many a use Mihoyo plagiarizing 2B moveset with Noelle.

  8. Commenting here because it's recent but if you want a good laugh there's a cracked genshin review by Max0r.
    He's videos can be considered "sensory overload" if you don't want some spoiled might want to watch it after completing the Archon quest of liuye but if not go ahead

  9. Ah yes, Social Distancing Waifu… And as a Madoka Magica fan, I MUST get her……………..

  10. i used to think that 4 different elements is best but in reality having 3 elements is rly good especially having a character of the same elements as your main dps. If you main dps lisa then using Shinobu is an awesome idea!

  11. Roger gotta react to version trailers. Hopefully Roger can catch up to the story before Sumeru releases.

  12. Hey can you react to all version trailers (1.0 to 2.7 atm) and to all collected miscellanies (it teach u all characters abilities).

  13. i like your reaction ,and read description before reaction its rare in other channel
    I hope you can keep reaction to genshin pv & story ^^ stay safe and healthy

  14. She’s the first electro unit capable of healing teammates fyi.

    Also, you can never have too many electro characters ;3

  15. I think it's fine for you to build her. In the Spiral Abyss, you need 2 teams built for it, you can put Kuki in the other team, what more, there are a lot of different types of enemies so its much better to have a variety of characters.

    Another thing, I think it's fine to put Kuki with Lisa, especially since Kuki is a healer.

  16. Actually I'm really happy that she's electro because she's the very first electro healer, with her we now have a healer in each element(Anemo has Sayu and Jean, Geo has Noelle and Gorou C4, Pyro has Bennett, Cryo has Diona, Hydro has Barbara, Kokomi and to a lesser extent Xingqiu). Also having 2 electro on the team increases energy recharge and there's an artifact set that turns energy recharge into damage bonus for elemental bursts, and while Kuki Shinobu heals with her skill, her burst can deal a huge amount of damage.

    Plus she's a 4* character which means it's a lot easier/cheaper to get her.


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