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►Edited by Muffin:
Outro by Anxyis :

► Specs
Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless Shroud Edition
Keyboard: Pro X Keyboard GX Red Linear Shroud Edition
Headset: Logitech G Pro Gaming
Microphone: Shure SM7B
Mousepad: Logitech G840 Gaming Mousepad Shroud Edition
Monitor: ZOWIE XL2740 27 inch 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Mouse Sensitivity = 1.1
ADS Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier = 1.05
DPI = 1800
Window Sens = 6/11

Apex Settings:
Monitor Settings:
Brightness 60
Contrast 50
Sharpness 7
Gamma 2
AMA High
Black eQualizer 0
Color Vibrance 13
Low Blue Light 0

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  1. If I took a shot for every gold knockdown in this lobby I would be dead lol this was incredible to watch!

  2. They say that their are somethings in this world that are too similar, an example? I coin flip, and Timmy with a kraber this video. XD

    Overall, another good video/game!

  3. did anyone notice the change in seriousness at 8:52 when timmy notices both his mates are down? damn tryhard mode instantly

  4. If you in the line of fire they will shoot…. I've never seen a Pro lobby, where nobody attack the leading squad or even allow such aggressive attacking. Those takedowns are way to easy. What type of guns are they using? The sideways dodging is way too easy.

  5. Ask these same players to switch to Console controller and then you see the difference. Apex Legends is not a game it's a sport.

  6. Being a Pro gamer myself, Game play is only a small portion when it comes to Ranked. All their Movements are strategic, Listen to how they communicate. If you don't have a permanent good squad, you get matched with random people. Playing on PC will always have an advantage because the finger clicks faster than your controller. Hot keys and more accurate shots not forgetting Consoles FPS is capped and PC DEPENDS ON THE SETUP YOU BUILT. SMOOTHER GAME PLAY. Everything in Apex Legends has a Counter-attack, especially movement and shots directed at you.

  7. Ironic that the guy with the most nasally baby voice is the one calling everyone "kids".

  8. Uchiha_Gouju11 add me on apex guys I get no good teammates with comms hopefully whoever watches Timmy and likes his gameplay we can definitely relate.

  9. If I took a shot for every gold knockdown in this lobby I would be dead lol this was incredible to watch!

  10. I feel like watching Timmy, actually and Hal is like watching porn and thinking I'll be on johny sins level if I just try hard enough. Makes me feel worse seeing people this good.

  11. Timmys grapple looks like tysons hook, pure talent and practice meeting… goated

  12. I like getting the skins streamers use Idk it just makes me happy and I finally got this skin and omg playin path is so fun

  13. I noticed that he fires on anything that isn't the map landscape. At one point the care package from the distance he was at looked like a person and he lit it up. Or maybe there was someone there?? Either way my brain can't adapt to the speed he plays at. Fucking impressive


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