he's gotten STRONGER! UPDATED Chongyun Guide – Artifacts, Weapons, Teams | Genshin Impact 2.7

Chongyun is stronger and more enjoyable than people might realize, especially as of the past few patches of Genshin Impact, so today, I’m going to go over EVERYTHING you need to know regarding his best builds and gameplay as of 2.7.

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by tnbee


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0:00 Intro
0:47 Kit & Important Info
4:23 Constellations (they matter)
6:30 Best Artifacts
8:52 Artifact Stats
10:25 Best Weapons
13:21 Team Comping
16:57 Conclusions

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  1. Regarding a full Chongyun QUAD melt with Bennett:

    the best way to go about it is by casting Bennett’s Q -> E -> AOE Swirl Pyro -> Chongyun Q
    This should generally enhance the pyro that Bennett applied enough for Chongyun’s burst to melt 4 full times at c6

    ALSO, regarding the viability of 4pc Blizzard Strayer on Chongyun:

    Yes, chongyun shatters freeze in almost every attack his kit provides, making the full 40% crit rate more inconsistent for chongyun to use than it would be for.. Ayaka or Ganyu (they dont shatter)
    HOWEVER, I circumvented this with high cryo application so that Chongyun is still reliably benefiting from at least the 35% crit rate bonus (20% from bliz, 15% from cryo resonance) and it works consistently, even allowing some of his attacks to benefit from the full 40% blizzard bonus, just very occassionally.

    The point of that is mostly to say: 4pc blizzard is not as effective on Chongyun as it is for Ayaka or Ganyu or any cryo character that does not shatter a frozen enemy, BUT, there are reliable ways around this issue that will still allow you to run a lower crit rate in exchange for a higher crit damage ratio, as you can see from my own shatterfreeze chongyun team footage in this video.
    hence why i recommended a general safe minimum of 20% crit rate for a blizzard build, so that you're at LEAST consistently striking with 55% crit rate

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  2. just got his C6 not long ago after an eternity, ig it's time to pick up my first main again

  3. Chongyun and C6 Bennett is a really great combination I discovered pretty early since Chongyun and Bennett were actually the first characters I ever pulled. So glad I'm not the only one who knows how good they are together.

  4. I explored Enkanomiya with a mono cryo team (Shenhe – Kazuha – Diona – Chongyun) and it was by far one of the most fun to play I've used !
    Especially since I built my Diona and Chongyun as vessels to Shenhe's E (Serpent spine and the Stringless) and ended up with consistent 100K Diona Es and 150K Chongyun Qs

    Overall it isn't a very viable abyss team because it works much better on single enemies + Diona's set makes her healing pathetic but 10/10 for fun exploration

  5. I pulled him and bennett when I first got the game and they have not been off my team since. I’m only just now learning how to build characters at AR40 😭

  6. Even after I got Ayaka, I don't have the heart to take him of my team. He is just so adorable <3

  7. I said it once, I’ll say it again. Chongyun with kazuha/Bennett/xiangling (if kazuha is c2) is actually very competitive with meta team comps. This comp actually clears content faster than my xingqiu kazuha national comp. Kazuha c2 does take him to another level, but Chongyun is honestly criminally underrated.

  8. 4 piece blizzard strayer isn’t too good on chongyun since the passive is not consistent because of shatter

  9. okay should i go lvl 90 snow tombed starsilver or lvl 90 prototype archaic? (i’m just a casual who uses him as dps)

  10. i use him as my cryo battery/noblesse buffer when i'm using kokomi and ayaka/ganyu because i haven't leveled kaeya nor rosaria. he does his job well enough with a sacrificial greatsword.
    he was there when i first 36 star'd the abyss (room 2 second half against the cryo lector), and he's always been good in the overworld with him being a young male and a claymore user.

    you can poor man slot him into the 2 most popular teams at least

  11. Kaeya main here! I've been running him with xingqiu (sac sword), chongyun (sac greatsword) and either kazuha or yunjin with a bunch of def stacked! Kaeya's normal attacks hit super hard, not to mention how easily enemies stay frozen since kaeya doesn't shatter. It's an amazing team and pretty f2p friendly too!

  12. Near the end of the video, you mention that redhorn allowed Chongyun to fully utilize the blizzard strayer. What do you mean by this? Is it just because the extra crit rate synergizes with the redhorn's crit dmage?

  13. As a Chongyun main, I think my favourite iteration of him is when he is paired with Shenhe to turn every melee character into cryo dps. Yes, it is pure copium but it's funny as shit to see 20k+ cryo numbers on non-cryo characters.

  14. Since I got Chongyun I slowly moved from being Kaeya main only to Chongyun main and oh my god with Bennett my team became whole another beast. He deserves much more love

  15. I don’t have the motivation, strength or luck to get chongyun to good build, mostly cuz my fish brain can’t comprehend how to get his suggested weapon nor artifacts
    But that’s the life if a f2p chongyun main with barely my motivation

  16. I know Amber's pyro application from her burst is a weak instance of application but because of how rapid she applies it can you quad melt chongyun's burst like you can quad vape Xingqui's skill?

  17. For the freeze teams with kaeya or rosaria, I would usually run Jean rather than sucrose to help with survivability, especially since freeze teams dont really need the EM share that sucrose offers

  18. National team, not Chongyun national 🙂 and btw ur underestimating Blackcliff Slasher, besides that nice vid

  19. Hello! Thank you for this video. What would you say about having chongyun and ayato together? Mainly because I don’t have YunJin and I want to buff ayatos E speed and CD. Would this combo work?

  20. You just gained a new subscriber! As someone who just LOVES Chongyun and spent time building him (quite wrongly 😭) on my main account which I forgot the password to 💔😔

    Although I got him just now on my new account, and this video really helped me 😭💞

  21. Been playing Chongyun a lot lately, after Ganyu and Ayaya dropped the cryo dps role was more or less stolen from him, but damn I still think he has some of the coolest animations in Genshin right now.

  22. Is…that R2 unforged from where I think it is?
    I just love using him. I got decent artifacts and he can carry whenever I have him out. Him and Ayato are a wonderful duo.

  23. so heres a vary unexpecting usage to get quad melt on his burst, ambers burst has enough pyro application to allow for quad melt. and if you somehow got C6 amber is also a 15% atk boost

  24. why have i just now found this channel… your opening was so good, i love your energy! glad to have come across this guide!!! love my freezy pop eatin boy! so nice to see some divergent content that focuses on niche team building its really nice!

  25. I hope more people see how good my boy Chongyun can be! He is my most invested unit, I love him too much. He was one of my first 4 stars and I fell for him hard.

    I am quite confident on his stats, so I'll share:
    Lvl 90, triple crowned.
    R5 Serpent Spine
    ATK 1939 (2122 w/ pyro res)
    EM 131
    ER 134.3%
    64.8% / 186.8%
    (w/cryo res: 79.8% CR to cryo affected opponents)
    4pc gladiator

    I like using cryo + pyro res (Shenhe C0 R1 Chongyun Bennett Xiangling/Thoma), but mono cryo is also great (replace Xiangling/Thoma with Sucrose, and sometimes Bennett with Barbara for shatter or Diona for shielding).

    The highest I've done with one of the swords from his burst was 200k for a single blade. They all have to crit and melt/whatever, so it's hard to do a consistent number, but going over 100k with each blade isn't that hard. His E does at least 50k without really trying, and his basics go from 20k to 40k when buffed.
    My Chongyun is absolutely disgusting and I love him… But he does need a team that caters to him if you want him to perform as a main DPS.

    He is great for those pesky Abyss Lecter shields too! I paired him with Xiao and the floor was a breeze. It kinda sucks that I must always put him on the first slot of the team in Abyss so he will get the Serpent Spine stacks before I press start.

    Anyway, nice video, and long life to Chongyun!!

  26. I use him with 4 piece Nobless with the Inazuma Claymore. It really helps that I don't need much ER on him and I can funnel the particles to Ayaka or my other suppoets

  27. Meanwhile me who’s trying to maximize Chongyun’s NA damage with 4pc gladiator’s, Shenhe, Yunjin and Ayato’s NA buffing abilities:

  28. See j got time early on anx just really enjoy playing him, hes made the game so much fun for me even if hes not the most powerful.
    Plus his in game design and personality are really great! If you enjoy the lore hes a really great little guy!

  29. What about Chongyun, Yelan, Zhongli and Yun Jin. Of course Zhongli will be the main DPS with blizzard strayer, his default meta set. And Yun Jin can use Archaic Petra. Nobless for Chongyun I guess.

  30. Great breakdown on a much underrated character!

    Seems like a crime to pair him with Yelan (or really any claymore user with her) simply because his attack swings are too slow to proc her burst as much as possible.
    I use Chong in a reverse melt team with Benny, XL, Chong and Rosaria. Its really strong and due to XL's C4, by the time you get to Rosaria, the targets have pyro applied to them again even after Chong's Q then E.

    Good call on an EM sands if he is reacting. I have been using an atk one on him with the WGS. Will switch this out as I think his Q dmg will be much higher.

  31. When you watch this a day after Vars II makes a video on why Chongyun isn't used that much….

  32. zhongli, chongyun, shenhe, hydro applier = my zhongli does 30k per AA. Cryo zhongli is no joke 🤣. yes my blizard strayer artifacts are cracked (about 300% crit dmg with Homa on zhong)

  33. Stoppp cause I was mentally thinking about a finding a Chongyun video to help my build and this showed up- I’ve been a Chongyun main since beginning game, I’m talking Venti’s first banner beginning and I still can never get good artifacts for him since I play and a pretty simple pace. I’ve been wanted to get him triple crowned with a lovey five star weapon to show off my baby. Thanks for all the help!! Definitely saving for Yelan and Shenhe next banners couldn’t the first game cause im f2p- my current team is him, Xingqiu, Bennett and Kazuha

  34. Chongyun when paired with Qiqi makes cryo goblet and 2pc blizzard useful on her because of his ability to infuse swords, polearms, and claymores with cryo.


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