Diablo Immortal User Score Reaches New Low, Monetization Gets Worse With Hidden 3rd Loot Box Type

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  1. I remember the days when you bought a game and you played it there was no monetization if you wanted an item or Jem or something like that you had to keep doing runs to gain this type of stuff and hopes that it dropped.

  2. "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it's asking for permission" really doesn't apply here.

  3. Gaming has become Gambling? Sue these criminals, hooking people to their Gamble Softwares!

  4. Lmfao. "Privileged position." I've never met a wealthy person who didn't work harder and smarter than a poor person. Get that wokeaf dialogue tf outta here.

  5. Pretty sure lootboxes are considered illegal gambling for minors. So, honestly, the game industry is commiting so many crimes.

  6. the Game forces us to spend cash to be strong and I hate those types of games, better the Game be deleted from the playstore already

  7. I really hope the users continue to drop tbh. Also it’s such a self own to name your game as they did and give people such an easy diss as calling it immoral. It fits perfectly.

  8. No wonder Blizzard was hesitant, to say the least, to release this game in the Netherlands and Belgium. This is predatory on an whole new level!

    Hopefully, this is going to force through changes in legislation in even more countries, even the entire EU.

  9. Eve online did this first thought no mention of them and there is no upper limit really.

  10. I don’t like these types of games but I would just ignore the stuff that costs money and have fun anyways if I did.

  11. Can I just say that I love the fact that basically every instance if the game's name being used here pronounces it as Diablo Immoral.

  12. Mobile games are like this, they are advertised as FREE, but you pay more eventually. I accept this, so I only choose to play and pay for mobile games i want to, but I mainly play console games as they are pretty much pay upfront (wait 6 months when they drop by 50%) and then nothing after that if you ignore all the DLC packs.

  13. Can we all just agree that ActiBlizKing is beyond saving in all regards, and we should just evacuate the actual devs, lock the doors and burn the buildings to the ground? The leadership is poor, workplace is abusive, the products exploitative and shitty.

  14. well guess Diablo 4 is off for me Diablo the dead the game will be $$$$$ is all they care about

  15. Oh and I made sure that me and all my friends bought a share of Blizzard stocks so we're shareholders so we deserve some explanations I told them that so they'll be ready I've told them everything I've heard nothing from them so they'll be no confusion about what's going on or what the intent is so they can drum it up to be something that they can hold against the American right a protest when a company has taken advantage of mentally ill patients customers and fans for what I'm assuming will be the last time.

  16. I've been in communication with them for the last week going back and forth on some issues at the end of the day what they told me that I won't give you all the details but at the end of the day what they told me was they can't help me because I've already played the game too much and it hasn't even been out for a month so I'm headed down to Irvine California next Wednesday at 12:00 I've let the LA times know I've let the chamber of commerce know and I've let the police department know enough contacted the campus security of Blizzard just to let them know not to be worried and I'll be where I am and there's no unlawful activity that's going to take place but there will be cameras there and they will going to film me handing over a letter of intent to Sue and the reasoning why so hopefully if we all stick together on this we can plow through the problems and get to D4 and hopefully we have taught them a lesson by then and they don't forever screw the game that we love so much and that's what makes me mad this whole thing was built on Love of the game remember standing outside in the middle of the night waiting for your copy because you prepaid for it with hundreds of other people laughing and talking and then everybody runs home and rushes and downloads it and got to get through all the glitches and whatnot and it's like 5:00 in the morning and you get on and you're on for a minute and then it crashes and you can't get it back on again so you go to sleep you wake up at 11:00 and you start playing for the rest of your life that was fun they got us addicted to the grind in the reward and then they switched it on us they put caps on the game so grinding was no longer fun but very very profitable for them… Look for videos on all the platforms I have friends down in California and they're not as happy as I am about this we're looking for change legal open honest change nothing else.

  17. The irony of the 3 Diablo immortal commercials that played during this is too much

  18. Next they are gonna add an expansion that charges you 10 cents very time you use an ability.

  19. if gamers dont fight this now, it will become normal for dev's to all do this & once that happens it will never go back. One thing about those in power is true, once power has been taken it is NEVER given back

  20. For the two type of legendary gem I strongly suspect you could sue them for fraud.

  21. You know there is a bigger problem than Blizzards greed. Whale players pumpimg thousend of doller or what ever in the game. They are enabling this greedy Companys to keep going, like Quin69 this is so Disgusting. This people Ruin the game Industrie because there enableing this.

  22. "gems aren't gear"

    But they get added to your gear to increase its potential
    So I'd say it's more important than gear

    What an absolute joke blizzard is

  23. so really its blue crests which are yellow now legendary crests which should be yellow and eternal crests that are legendary

  24. Oh gg, spend if you want, or don't. It's a solid game, top tiers are bought, for now. Don't try to be first in any pk stuff and it's free fun. I've spent 8 bucks ranked top 30 on server for 3 events, with some grind effort. Breaking top 10 would be 100s or 1000s, why bother unless payed streamer.
    You have some good info, just expect all phone games to be like this.

  25. Blizzard got the addicted players, and will keep Immortal alive for many years to come. Stop supporting these types of games.

  26. "Do you guys not have phones?" Playing Diablo Immortal AND affording a phone? What a funny guy.

  27. Som guy spend 16.000 dollars to get the legendary gem ! Aka 1 ! And its not even the one you can trade ? The fuck blizzard !

  28. Sounds almost like the exact same microtransaction system used by a company called Asobimo years ago.

  29. The sad fact is that this game has already "won". It's made millions, possibly will make billions eventually. Doesn't matter what it's rated, Acti-Blizzard-King will continue with this business model. Heck, you can see on that list that Madden is also rated extremely poorly, and yet it will continue to get yearly releases with the Ultimate Team BS.

  30. I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not a secret that it’s all monetized.

    I’ve spent about $34K on it so far and I don’t regret it.

  31. Nothing can saves diablo obviously.., diablo immortal can patch the mess because is a kind of world of Warcraft but apart of that and d2 resurrected the franchise is dead..,


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