How To Install PPSSPP PSP Emulator M1 Mac Native ARM Build

Command: brew install ppsspp
Folder: ~/opt/homebrew/cellar/

The PPSSPP release is a Universal build can actually be opened but using this fix:
PPSSPP download:

How to setup PPSSPP cheats & copy saves on M1 Mac:

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  1. hey man i know it's not easy to read and answer all our request but can you please reply

  2. thanks bro but some reason i did not see the command that will make brew ready and now i am stuck in brew cleanup can you please help me out

  3. Is the brew cleanup neccessary? Ive been on this step in terminal for like 40 minutes

  4. So it worked for me but for some reason it won't open back up. I've closed it and opened it again and it keeps saying "PPSSPPSDL quit unexpectedly" what do I do here? Do I restart the process or am I just stuck?

  5. Hey Andrew love your channel bro by far the best! I have the m1 Mac your tutorial was phenomenal I have just one questions I keep downloading the 1.12 and after homebrew it the same as your version 1.11 automatic update is not working and I was wondering if you could answer or if your going to put at a full video on the best m1 settings? Thanks bro.

  6. Hey Andrew any reason to use this over open emu it has psp on there? Any benefits to this over that.

  7. any one have same problem as me? since I cannot turn on the Vulcan. It asked me to reopen the app, but after reopen, it still opengl
    it fixed after I uninstalled and installed again, I didn't know why but it works now

  8. When ever i try to install homebrew it jut doesn't install. I left it installing for hours but it didn't seem to install. Is there any way I could install homebrew a different way?
    Edit: Nevermind. I just needed to install command line tools.

  9. thank you for the video. brew install ppsppp is spelling mistake => brew install ppsspp

  10. Why would you build it yourself? All you need to do is remove the quarantine bit from the .app bundle after you extract it. Or remove it from the .zip before extracting it. `xattr -cr` or `xattr -cr PPSSPPSDL-*.zip` backslashes added because YouTube won't let me escape things in markdown.

  11. 1.11.3 is not the "latest" version of PPSSPP …. after installing Homebrew, i managed to install the latest version "1.12.3" but not with the command you provided … problem was that "1.11.3" was giving me controller issues but with the latest version I have no issues at all.


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