Ryujinx: Nintendo Switch Emulator Setup Guide / Tutorial / How To

Hey all! In this video we take a look at Ryujinx, the Nintendo Switch emulator!
Yuzu is still very early on in development, but it has come a long way and continues to get better!

Check out Ryujinx here:
Ryujinx game compatibility list:

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  1. You skimmed over ALOT crucial detail like how to get your switch games on to the pc and firmware and all that

  2. im getting a black screen with no sound when trying to start a game, any solutions?

  3. Dang I wish Ryujinx had a smart tv app. Just plug in a usb connect a Bluetooth controller and game away.

    I downloaded it to my old af laptop, keys, and a game file. And I’ll be damned if it didn’t open up. Couldn’t believe my eyes that it worked. All be it beyond slow and choppy but it worked.

  4. Where do i get the games from? Like to download them? I don't have nay games to play?

  5. Great video! Hey, do you happen to have a repository where we can find and add roms for this? Thanks!

  6. Loving your Guids Mr. Sujano. Been reliving my childhood in some of these old games.

  7. I just installed the emulator today and played bowsers fury on it, the graphics are perfect, runs smooth all but here and there I’ll get frame lags and the game slows down when there’s a lot going on. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I have a intel i5, 3050 Nvidia graphics card, 8 GB of RAM, and 144fps, but the game is only running 60fps

  8. my ryujinx is fully setup but cant get the game to work. Ryujinx console widow shows that the game is loaded but the actual Ryujinx screen remains on the game list screen. I can no longer right click on the title loaded but all the other buttons are still responsive. honestly have no idea what went wrong since everything is up to date and I play 3A games with ultra setting so definitely not a gpu option

  9. This was easier to set up than yuzu lol. Own a lite but it's been a bit heavy on my eyes.

  10. Ive been looking for a place to download prod.keys but every place i find freaks me out, i dont want to get a virus! can you link us to a safe (current) source for prod.keys?

  11. ryujinx is alot better than yuzu in both performance and game rendering. all the games i currently have run at max speed. those having problems with games crashing change the dram from 4 to 6. also those who want to use actual joycons i suggest using xjoy then when both are connected map your controls cause ryujinx will not detect joycons and setup on own. do not use betterjoy your joycons wont be connected even tho it says xbox controller. also dont use rewasd because its not free. just use xjoy and youll be good to go. the only games you might have problems running are moero chronicles and dying light. these 2 games either only show black screen or load the intro fmv then show black screen after. i reported this issue on github page so hopefully they fix it. oh and this also runs arceus without problems and looks better in ryujinx compared to yuzu and there are mods as well. if you hate how the games stutter because your game is caching shaders theres an easy solution. google emusak and download from github then download all shaders you want. then after starting each game for first time you shouldnt see any stuttering.

  12. It says that my firmware wont work because my keys are broken? I used the same keys as the one for yuzu, are they not the same thing? do i nee dot download a different one?

  13. I couldn’t load my games, so this tutorial really helped! Thanks a lot! ❤️💙

  14. 4:56 hey i dont know how or where i get the games? do you get them automatically cause i dont know how to get them

  15. switch doc mode looks awful and outdated on my new tv, and don't like to play handheld because I have life and cant make my games follow me everywhere so I need emulators as long as Nintendo is stubborn to give us advanced technologies to experience their excellent games properly, sorry Nintendo you forced us to this……

  16. Is there any specific website you would recommend for downloading the roms like Pokémon legends of acreus just looking for a safe site


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