NEW INSANE SEMI-AFK Spot to Get Legendaries & XP? NO SPOON! | Diablo Immortal

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Intro: 0:00
Location: 0:48
Strategy: 1:38
Group Farm Showcase: 4:44
Outro: 9:35

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  1. This game is most anti social game I have ever seen almost zero community and ones that use discord or play daily a lot have buying required spending must buy all boon of plenty battle pass ect

  2. Ah shit. Yeah my spot is gone and the killing part is there was some fker there a few days ago using spoon and thankfully he died 😂

  3. Why doi'g this first you keep the spot for yourself very nice for other people, you gain less xp Only if you went around in circles. You kill one pack while I kill 5. This system is crap for self xp and other players. BLIZZARD Is aware of its phenomenon and thought about how to stop it. Please stop breaking the game

  4. Cannot even imagine the blast of plesure you have playing this game… standing still. lol

  5. I don’t ever comment but goddamn I can’t stand you you give away every spot for a couple of likes

  6. All the comments “thanks bro for ruining…blah blah blah”. There are 1000 locations you can do this with the same exact spawn rate. Btw, that’s not 20 seconds. I’m willing to guess most of these people who commented didn’t actually sit there for hours farming. Don’t worry, game will be banned soon enough. I’m hoping and will sign that petition.

  7. Please stop this new spot for farming vids. Let them discover it on their own. Make new contents. Videos like this make farming less exciting

  8. These streamers doesn't want to do harm, but showing these spots screw more than do good

  9. blizzshit need to understand there's a reason why people are farming spots. as dolphins or planktun the only thing we can do is buffs through paragon and gear. legendary gems rank 10 even 1 or 2star is ridiculous to achieve

  10. Damn it, this was my favorite spot to farm solo when I just want to chill… Now this place is gonna be packed…

  11. Everytime y'all make a video the spots go to shit…or y'all are the ones sitting there 24/7 until your next video 🙄 There is like nowhere to farm anymore at this point.

  12. Bro I swear every time I find a new spot a youtuber makes a video about it and it’s unusable

  13. Damn the comments are some selfish toxic players. Sorry you gotta deal with that bro.

  14. Blizzard going there banning spooners, what a joker lmao, there Is a Guy sitting in library Now about 10 days in row 24/7? Blizzard doesnt give a single fuck

  15. We kick people on my server for AFK farming (spooning). One was from that exact spot in my immortal clan.

  16. I have noticed a huge uptick at these spots in activity after you post these videos. Can you send everyone back to the Library so I can have these spots to myself? K thanks….. 😉

  17. So you promote afk xp too ??
    It's similar as botting you know ?
    A character that play by itself when you are not here !!
    I hope blizz will ban all the people doing this.
    Naabs dont even know they are botting and they make videos of it. Then they will cry when they lose their account lmao 🤣

  18. An unfortunate thing is how everyone states Monks cannot solo (or rather "not the class for solo" choices). I love Monk and rock the class (p30+ currently, on Meshif). But seeing these videos with groups blasting content is enjoyable. Trying to get in groups myself seems I fudged the landing by going with Monk versus say …. the boring Necro, Sader, or Wiz for "solo" goodness…

  19. Nice video and location! But, do not promote afk farming please… Don’t want you to be banned

  20. Liking your Chanel man lots of good tips but this is the worse, on thin ice with the rules surely afk spawn killing is lame and ruining the game for other took me x5 times longer to do a bounty cos noobs were doing this shit. People need to earn there Xp and levels do the grind play the game this isn’t playing. Is the Diablo version of sniper spawn camping in cod except worse cos. No skill is needed, we all love loot and Xp but I have earned every point of mine and 90% of the people doing this are scripting you can tell I watch film and report them.. it’s stupid seen people there all day in some spots I hope they really crack down on this starting giving people like 1% of the xp that do this..they don’t deserve the power gained. My clan gets kicked if caught doing this. Ruining everyone around the area experience selfish and needs to stop, running circles over and over is better least u have to play but still a little iffy.

  21. Dude I was using this spot. Please stop giving up all the spots they’re gonna nerf them all.


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