Fatui Harbingers Trailer – First Reaction and Chat Jokes – Genshin Impact Endgame Content

Twitch Chat and I watch the trailer for the first time!


  1. i am REALLLY hoping Columbina becomes playable!!!! Her song is hauntingly beautiful and I theorize she is in charge of the Fatui intelligence network, she might be able to telepathically communicate, she is a Seelie who has not turned into the wisp-like Seelies!

    Also i am not sure if i am the only one but if the Fatui change thier tactics to be less evil i might actually root for them

  2. So far my favorite harbinger shown here has to be the 3rd ranked harbinger, The Damslette (Columbina). She's the one singing the haunting melody in the beginning and is the only harbinger that did not say a word during this trailer. She's at least the third most powerful harbinger (because of how the rankings work), and she's also one of the few harbingers here who are extremely likely to be playable.