F2P Diablo Immortal it's awesome | Trolls stop the nonsense


Is Diablo Immortal WORTH Playing? Rank 1 F2P Barbarian

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  1. This is actually funny to me. I'm Paragon level 20 and at my point if I dont pay it will take years to get any stronger. Also I love how there is no pvp. It's almost like you avoided showing the whales and how you are no where even close to them

  2. Complacency the likes of which this video displays is actually the biggest reason why the gaming industry is in such a sad state. People defending the abysmal corporate practices of psychologically refining monetization systems around a gambling platform in games is repulsive. Lets take off the horse blinders and open our eyes for just a second. Lets look at the full picture, instead of tunnel visioning on our own narrow personal perspective.

    The thought process depicted in this post is extremely dangerous, and the very slippery slope that has led us to where we are today. Individuals who think this way are the cannon fodder inherently necessary for these games to remain viable, and have been brainwashed to the point of defending their abuser.

  3. I'm a whale I spend hundreds of dollars monthly for mobile gaming and hundreds more for PC games and some PC games in game currency. Diablo is not p2w when they cry they can't get their 5 star gems after paying thousands it proves them wrong. This game is meant to be enjoyed for years not burned thru in moments

  4. I stoped playing deleted the game…..i hate the monetized clans they have nothing else going on in their lives so they try to control other players….not a fan….be here at 1pm or your out of the clan…..dude…..i play when i feel like playing…..they need it so you can do solo dungeons….F the partys and clans

  5. Ive been a gamer a long time………… A LONG TIME…………. like all the way back to Atari and Caleco…. I grew in the time that a game developer created a game…. and the expansions was (game name)II , and (game name) III etc.. We never had to pay to continually play or pay to win…. the closest thing to ptw was buying Nintendo Power or the Game book….. We learned the game found exploits etc and played fun games never grew up in the PTW cycle of games….. And I will never pay $ in game or play a game that blatantly pushes progression through PTW cycles………… Which is also why i dont play mobile games and why I wont Download Diablo IMMORAL. F*** this pos……

  6. Can anyone tell me how I can find out what shape was Genshin Impact in at launch. Was it in a poor state like Immortal? Then in time it got to where it is today? Or did it launch in the same condition that it is now?

  7. I agree with this guy. Its become the norm to SHIT on everything. I have unsubbed from Azmon and other "Game Reviewers" who just crap on everything, everyone just cries and cries about this crap. Games are not going to suddenly stop giving people options to pay more money lol. YouTube has become a "soap opera/overdramatization" its just for MONEY. Its all about money and no amount of bitching is going to fix it.

  8. One needs to have a lot of bravery to come out from this storm of hate, i know im gonna get death threats in response but i dont care, so dont think it will work

    So yea, diablo immortal is done well, its just one system that has a bit too much monetization, but check genshin impact for example, if you want to get a character at a constelation (you need to drop that same character more than once to unclock constellations, and the odds of that for f2p are, well 0.6% chance for 5* anything adding the 50% chance to get the character a player is trying to get unless guaranteed, yea needs some money or insane luck

    So in conclusion, could be worse, be happy it isnt, with new updates the monetization may get decreased, but no one knows

    If you read the whole comment, have a nice day 🙂

  9. I played the game since the first day it come out, I never spent a single dollar this but I know it play to win( most p2w games I ever seem in my life) but it fun the first 4 to 6 hour when p2w stilll do not matter.