1 SECRET TIP To Counter EVERY Legend In Apex Legends!

Today we look at how to win more fights in Apex Legends with 1 SECRET Tip to Counter EVERY Legend In Apex Legends Season 13! Let me know if these Apex Legends Tips and Tricks are helpful and if you would like more Apex tips on Legends or how to counter Legends in Apex. Apex Legends win more fights is what we are all after and understanding your enemy is what everyone will need to come out on top. Best of luck with Apex and let me know if this helped you learn how to get better at Apex Legends!

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0:00 – No Thumbs, No Problem!
0:15 – Counter Every Legend!


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  1. As a wraith main, getting pushed out of buildings is actually a pretty good counter as out in the open our ability doesn't do much but delay the inevitable

  2. Another tip to counter rampart is to throw nades behind the barriers
    From my experience, maggie is a strait up defense legend counter
    Because maggie’s drill come from behind a wall you can destroy wattson nodes without the pylon destroying it
    The drill is also effective against newcastle ults and tacticals, as well as rampart’s walls
    Another tip for maggie is that her drill takes its full duration to break a door, if you are close enough you can also push the door in their direction to keep them in the flames

  3. With pathfinder I disagree bc your getaways can be unreal sick and nobody can keep up.

    For instance:
    Make a short distance grapple behind cover, then insta throw zipline in a way they can’t beam you (so slightly sideways cuz in front they will beam u) after zipline follow up with a massive big grapple.

    Pathfinder is insane. I play him exclusively. Often I go solo q and drop hot fragment, antenna, fight night or any drop with verticality. Then I don’t commit to fighting but simply look on how long I can survive with jiggling through squads, grappling away in front of their nose and out movement smart them. Pure adrenaline
    So many insane clutches.

  4. As a valk main i am mad because he exposed my one true weakness but i could use my rockets to deter anybody who thinks they are the good enough to push me and if im the last one and they are far enough away i can ult and rat my way to victory!

  5. Wellllllll for caustic or any fight you don’t want to play it slow, fights should be finished in under a minute for minimal third party’s but if you playing pubs and playing for kills then by all means take it slow. You may be saying “well then how am i supposed to fight a caustic?” and i say to that catch them while rotating or bait out all his traps and his ult with an octane valk wrait horizon or just anyone with movement.

  6. for ramparts ult me and my team like to cross fire her from two different spots that are far enough away so that she cant spray transfer

  7. For me. The best way to play Bloodhound to not get countered is simply just make them feel fear.

    Let them know that I can find them no matter where they go.

    Also, the scans can give valuable flanking routes for any Valk, Ash or Rev on the team.

  8. Dont get me wrong… rampart will never be meta… infact, the more meta she becomes, the more aware people are of her being in the fight, which makes her much less effective…. but, from a rampart main, she is HARD to counter now… hes right, the best way to counter is to destroy walls, but they have enough health now, that if she places and starts circling you, and you decide to shoot her some instead of the wall, the wall finishes, go back behind it, and now your a duck…. and, the walls having more health, make it almost like if you destroy a wall, you dont have enough rounds left to kill…

  9. That rampart who got arced at 6:10 makes a really dumb move that i see often and its that she goes back towards her team instead of moving away, that arc could have only hit the rampart but she didn’t even like build a wall to separate herself, she just lets a teammate get arced as well

  10. As a mirage main who really understands how to be tactful and strategic, I’m good at tricking most experienced players, because I know how to make myself look like a decoy, the tip does work but some of us are smarter than other mirage mains and know how to make him more confusing