Reacting to Our Top 10 MOST ICONIC Moments – TSM Apex Legends

#TSMApex | Come watch @TSMFTX ImperialHal and @TSM FTX Reps as they take a look at the most iconic moments in their Apex careers.

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  1. Did you enjoy this video? 👍 What do you want to see next on the channel? 👀

    A) Guess The Rank

    B) No Healing Challenge

    C) Apex Charades

    D) Something else…

  2. The biting of the gold medal is a throwback to the gold rush days, where people who wanted to tell if gold was legit would bite down on it. Real gold is a naturally soft metal and you would be able to see an indent if it was legit

  3. Legends. Just legends. Wow I hope they win the next algs tournaments. LETS GO TSM!🔥💪🏼

  4. Back in the day people would bite on gold to see if it was real. Yall didnt win gold and got played by a dumb producer.

  5. Biting gold metals isnt just an xgames thing lol people used to do it to test if the gold was real because its really soft and if your teeth left marks it was probably real

  6. Apex would be way better if they nerfed scan and camp legends – They should make those legends fun to use but not op or meta or must use

  7. You guys should do a reaction to top worst moments from ALGS Championship
    Also can't wait for your walkthrough journey video of Algs championship "How we placed ourselves at worst spot / how we fucked up in ALGS Championship"

  8. 今話題の最新BAN無しチートツール配布してます!!!

  9. Honestly hearing Hal and how they had a ton of pressure cause of they win streak and how that messed with them, I understand why he would get so emotional in game now to where he can be seen as coming off a bit aggressive. Best apex team out there

  10. absolutely hate the thumbnail, almost didn't watch on principle. but the video is solid

  11. The last one was such a good feeling especially when The haters doubt you! Amazing vid love you TSM

  12. I remember watching the livestream for #10, that was such a win, such vindication for Verhulst. He shut all the annoying pests up by kicking ass there.

  13. Do a challenge when’re you guys roll a dice to pick the sense that everyone uses to play on controller, 3 games to have the most kills and show the highlights and funny moments clips

  14. Biting the medal is to show off the gold. Real gold is soft, and you can deform if just by biting it. So back then, to prove authenticity, ppl would bite it. Now it’s an X Games tradition.

  15. back in the old days a person bit on a gold coin to identify if it was real gold. Pirates i.e. are "known" for that. sorry for englando

  16. These guys will look back on this after they've retired and feel a tidal wave of nostalgia

  17. I loved when you won because of evan , i mean i dont know this guy personnaly but i was very happy for him , he is such a nice young man , very calm and composed .

  18. Missing the insane rev-crypto push on NRG up the zip by sorting factory, one of the most iconic and the single most meta changing play ever made.

  19. Man 7 will always be memorable for me, watching Snipe smack dudes with an axe and Reps following with the insane 1hp clutch!


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