How To Get the Minecraft Preview on iOS and Windows!

If you love to stay up to date with Snapshots, Betas, and Minecraft Previews, this is the video for you. Hot to install the Minecraft preview on Windows and iOS is a question I get asked a lot. So in this video I show you how to Download the Minecraft Beta on iPhone and PC.

Blog Link:

00:00 – Intro and History
02:14 – Where to Start
02:55 – iOS How-To
04:30 – Windows How-To
06:44 – Enabling The Preview
08:32 – Outro

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  1. The app knows that I’m 12 and it says that I have to be 13. If there’s curse words then I will really get the app because curse words are funny to me. How do I fix this fucking thing so that it thinks that I’m 13?

  2. It said this beta is full and now ill never have minecraft preview and ill be stuck with the anoying betas forever😭😡

  3. Amazing video, but the experimental features are in the beta features (or "experiments" in the updated version of preview) section of the new UI. And it is now available for Android and xbox, not play station sadly😔

  4. Great video Chad!! The old beta was just a huge pain. I already have the Preview from when it came out. It was worth it, I now check it out all updates. I recommend it.