I Unboxed the NEW Valkyrie Heirloom!! (24 Awakening Collection Event)

►Taking a look at the new Valkyrie heirloom from the Awakening Collection event in Apex Legends!

►Come watch me live and I’ll say hi –
►MUSIC: mostly epidemicsounds

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  1. The only thing I don't like is how she flies with 1 hand.
    It breaks my immersion.
    Why does her jetpack have 2 sticks if she can fly with 1 stick all along!

    I still bought it tho because the pros beat the cons

  2. Valkrie’s Spear is so awesome! Also the Maggie skin is a definitely a reference to Godzilla and the Fuse skin is a clear reference to King Kong. Loba is Ultraman. This was a Kaiju themed event!

  3. bro i dont understand why when you have 32000 crafting matierals you chose to spend 1000 apex coins on a purple skin

  4. I cant get over the fact that people just dont save their Coins like it pains me to see this, you couldve bought the 2 bundles in the store to save 900 Coins and buy the Caustic skin with Craftings for example to save another 1000, I understand you can afford it but man it kinda hurts

  5. im sorry kandy, but can u use those shards T_T instead use 1000 coins just for caustic epic skin

    my eyes cant take it

  6. Personally, I think ash should get a katana, I think it would look cool considering she already runs in that sheathed stance

  7. Bruh I can’t even get any of them so ye this vid just make me sad on how I can’t get any but good job on getting the heirloom👍👍

  8. If u do an inspection while sliding it brings her dad's helmet up and if u make it a video please tell them about my YouTube please peace

  9. Every heirloom that comes out is just further evidence that respawn needs to revamp the first 5 with new animations and inspects, because the old ones just don't hold a candle content wise to the new ones. They just have so much more to offer.

  10. Literally just got some heirloom shards and I’ve got 7.6k on valk I can’t wait to get the heirloom


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