Armor Penetration It's NOT that Great | Diablo Immortal

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📢Hey guys and gals today’s video is Breaking down the difference between Armor Pen and Armor!📢
Intro 0:00
What does Armor Pen do? 1:27
Baseline of Test 3:00
What does Armor do? 4:10
Testing Broken Down 5:08
Min your Armor Pen Should Be 8:15
Your Crit Damage bonus IS NOT WHAT IT SAYS 10:00
What this actually means for you 11:50
Both Armor and Armor Pen suck… 12:30
Take away? 14:10
Outro 15:30
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Armor Penetration It’s not that Great | Diablo Immortal

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  1. This really depends on the build or rather the gear you actually get. Between Armor and Armor Pen, I would still choose AP because of how low to non-existent blocking in this game is unless you're a Cruz. There's also the fact you only tested it in one monster. Lower monster, most specially in normal, gets crit more often compared to let say hell 1-3. I don't know if it has something to do with the game mechanics, but since they never told anyone about the 66% reduction on PvP for gems and only was discovered recently and posted on Reddit, I'll not be surprised if there are other hidden elements in the game.

  2. On a monk, SSS with burn damage will guarantee crit on a tornado cyclone strike, that’d be nice if you want extra crit damage on that monk build, without crit % buff

  3. Frenzy shrines make my summons dropp everything almost instantly. Makes one believe crusaders banner is the best in game. But debuffs might be the balancing act for high crits high dmg focused players. Guess we shall see what the meta ends up at.

  4. Armor pen it is god. It's common sense ffs. Ppl can't be that stupid to infinitely stack armor… Anyone with armor pen will obliterate you. That's how it works.

  5. very well. With that information in general, im considering speccing more into a certain stat. For the next ~30 days CR of H3 server is met, time to fool around

  6. Bloodsworn Spearwoman who is almost naked… She does not have any armor. And you are testing the ARMOR PENETRATION stat on her?
    Oh well, maybe it works better on the armored enemies then, and the damage output is increased?

    And I think you should also be above the required level, Hell III might also be twisting the stats if you are below the needed levels of Armor or Armor Pen. Dunno.

  7. The 5% you were looking at said damage reduction not block chance so 50% +5% damage reduction right? not 8% +5% block

  8. A few points.

    1. Not all mobs have the same armor. The 22% is calculated for some kind of median armor value. You obviously did the test on a mob with a different armor value (the spiders just north of the town in Dark woods have the median armor value if you want to test it).
    2. Crit chance is not static. Once I’ve reached a good enough cr for the content I’m in I’m stacking crit chance. I save all leggos with crit chance on them and switch them in as my cr allows. I’m at 18% right now. At 14% increased crits that amounts to around 2.5% more damage (if your total dmg is 5k that equals 125 of the damage stat, which is hardly inconsequential).
    3. The best way to increase your dmg when you’re at a comfortable CR is to stack gear with crit damage and crit chance (paying is the very best ofc). Gem all blue sockets with arm pen. (But the paragon nodes for arm pen still have poor value.) I expect to be at an easy 25% crit chance before I start to have to stack cr for hell4.

  9. Thanks for the detailed info, it helps alot,
    I agree while we are in H3 its exactly as u have calculated & is situational, but I have played a few Mmorpg's & near end game i.e Hell V+ in this game, the system changes & everyone will be chasing every single bit of crit damage once the crit rate goes up, this usually happens in a 2.0 update where 50%+ rate is possible, so as a BP F2P I will stack every chance of benefiting from the crit system, (For the Looong long future 🙂
    Anyway thanks for the content… Appreciated

  10. Awesome work. Could you do one for magic find.. What it actually means and how it affects drops and/or item quality. Thanks in advance.

  11. bruh crit hit damage got me to h3 what are you talking about its great for crusaders banner dont know about other classes

  12. your simply not considering the crusader banner. that will give you 100CC, so every armor penetration point will do wonders.

  13. Heavily disagree here. Armorpen is literally the most cost efficient way to increase your dps.
    You reach cap pretty fast, but before you reach cap, +200 armor pen (over enemy armor) gives like +40% crit damage. At 15% crit chance that I have in PVE it's a flat 6% dmg increase. You know how much I have to spend on resonance to get +6% flat damage? A lot more than I'd pay for +200 armorpen.
    Get some +crit% gear bro.

  14. Imo, for Armor Pen. you need to factor in all these;
    Class / Build
    Type of skill
    Atk speed
    Crit % chance
    Crit dam

  15. Crusader raises Crit Chance substantially doesn't it? My para 90 DH has 14% crit chance – not saying it's a big deal but I do try and stack it when I can

  16. Thanks for the video! Now I'm coming with another idea. Would you make a video comparing paragon pasive points and tell us which are better? 200 life points are better than 20 attack points? What about armor? If you could assign them a value, wich of LP, armor, attack and armor pen offers the best value for our character without considering situation (paragon tree points). Just brute value. Thanks again, I will come with new weird questions soon jajajaja.

  17. In a nutshell armour = block bonus and armour pen = crit bonus. Great job, bringing these facts to the forefront. Very, very import info you been putting out lately. Thanks.

  18. As a barb I can definitely say armor pen is amazing. Using our OH that gives 50%+ crit it’s nice. But sadly even with our crit and armor pen you DH still hitting way harder than us.

  19. Armor itself is Not only reducing the incoming damage of blocked attacks, but incoming damage in General. That's what the tooltip is saying. Have you tracked the incoming damage without Armor gems and with Armor gems?

  20. Dude with your past couple videos, you've made me a fan for life. I'm like you, I don't just accept conventional wisdom. I do testing. I felt like testing is important after we found out a lot of the stuff in videos for DI was just plain wrong after the game dropped. The game people played in Alpha and Beta is not the game Blizzard released. I've been telling people for weeks Armour sucks and Arm. Pen. is just not that impactful. People openly mock me. It's frustrating because I know exactly what you know. People that are spending thousands of dollars tell me I'm wrong(because they're not testing, they just think they know something). I've honestly quit trying to help people because they refuse to listen. Even with the video you made about Treasure Hunter being trash. I posted your video in our Discord. People still refuse to change. 😂 In a way, I'm glad some players are this hard headed. I make a ton of Platinum selling Arm. Pen. gems for 400 a pop. I couldn't do that if everyone knew.

  21. For DH would you prioritize upgrading DMG/Life gems or Potency/Res/Armor gems? I have all of them about rank 4 don’t know what to upgrade next

  22. Wait so your saying armour doesn’t reduce all damage taken ? Just reduced blocked amounts ?


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