How to AFK Auto Farm Berries (MOBILE EDITION) (Roblox Islands)

I show you how to use conveyer belts for auto afk farming berries and another fun use for conveyers in Skyblox on Roblox. With the latest update in Skyblox conveyer belts will now move your character! It’s epic and I’d love to see your conveyer belt creations.

Auto Clicker for Android:

iOS auto clicker: Check out the Auto Clicker built-in to iOS accessibility. Tons of YouTube videos on how to do this. Check this guy’s vid, he does a good job describing steps. Only downside is it doesn’t do infinite clicks. RIP iOS users, you may need to use the tin foil trick.

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  1. Do u have any auto clicker apps for iPad? I rlly wanna afk kill things in pet swarm sim if u do know any pls tell meh TvT I’m struggling to find one

  2. One thing tht i notice ttht pc players have auto cluckers and monile users have fingers so ye… thts proabbaly why its hard for mobile users