Top 5 Games Like Diablo Immortal For Android & iOS 2022

Ranking my picks for Best #diablo like #games for #Android and iOS to play in 2022, drop a like and enjoy!

Best Gaming Phone 2022
Asus ROG 5
Nubia Red Magic 5S
Black Shark 3
Best Gaming Tablet 2022
Ipad Pro 2021
Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
Best Controllers 2022
Steelseries Stratus Duo
Backbone One
8bitdo Pro 2

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  1. Titan quest is the only one in the list that is really like Diablo to me. There are a few things needed to be like diablo that are simply not present in most of the games in this list but the most important is an open world. (most of these games are hub games and not open world at all)

    I'm looking for a diablo clone that is open world, offline and has gamepad support. It's not as easy to find as it seems.