BEST NECROMANCER BUILD! Farm QUICK Legendary Items And Experience | Diablo Immortal

Today we do a build for necromancer in FARMING pve. use these legendary items and skills LIVE:
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Intro: 0:00
Legendary Items: 1:20
Set Pieces: 7:00
Skills: 8:05
Legendary Gems: 8:27
Example: 8:55
Outro: 11:03



  1. I am going to try this build soon. I know you mention the gems not being a big deal, aside from what you have listed here what would you recommend for someone who only does pve? I have been told echoing shade is the best one for necro, I have 1 of each of the 5 star legendary gems just need to know which ones to use. I appreciate any help.

  2. Sorry but this game sucks totally pay to win and it’s ridiculously repetitive. People spend so much on this game and are just throwing their money away. There will always be someone bigger and better than you. Why spend countless hours grinding a game when you can be doing better things with your time?

  3. For speed farm? 2pc Shep + 2pc Issatar + Golem + CE + Command Skele + Wraith. Nothing even remotely close to that speed, you can lap at Zavain monastery every ~45s-60s solo.