Can Apex Pros Guess YOUR rank? ft. Daltoosh & Verhulst – TSM Apex Legends

#GuessTheRank | Play along with @Daltoosh and @TSMFTX Verhulst as they try to guess YOUR ranks and let us know what your final score in the comments! 👇

1 POINT for guessing the ranked tier
1 POINT for guessing the ranked division
3 POINTS for guessing Predator rank

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  1. Is this based on the highest rank a person has been or just random clips from people in a certain rank, for example every season I make masters, but my friend hasn’t been past diamond other than like 2 or 3 times, cuz he doesn’t play as much

  2. That rev i guarantee was masters/pred and got demoted to plat 2 and didnt played ranked yet when they checked lmao. No fucking way at all he is plat 2 for any reason other than that he doesnt play ranked

  3. It's disgusting that crews like this that don't shit irl get paid more than those people who actually save lives and work irl.. they need to cut tsm pays

  4. The first guy I play very much like that and I've been Plat forever I was once pred season 5 but only cuz I grinded ended in master but I stay in Plat cuz I don't play enough

  5. That first one threw me off completely I'm back from a 4 season break and knew everyone got good but damn that Rev tech would be pred before I left.

  6. never horizon Pred, she didnt swap shield when she can , use Q withtout reason for me its Diams lvl not more to it, the first revenant are realy better to she

  7. The 1st one is probably just some dad that is cracked, but doesn't have time like the basement dweller preds and masters to grind. Master and preds arent the absolute best players in the world. They are just the ones that got the free time to grind to those ranks. My pub lobbies are filled with pred and master trails, yet I don't play ranked.

  8. First clip, typical solo Player, thats why theyr Thinking hes master or pred because apex now its only about playing with 3stacks