Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night's Lazzo | Genshin Impact

No one knows how long it has been since all the Fatui Harbingers last gathered.
On this winter night, people donning masks who had just been singing and squabbling, fell silent in mournful meditation.
Only then did the hall join the winter sky in infinite silence.

Meanwhile, in distant Sumeru, Collei who has not had dreams for a long time, saw strange visions during her midday nap…

Pierro, Director of the Fatui. Codename: “The Jester” – Richard Tatum
Columbina, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “Damselette” – Emi Lo
Pulcinella, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “The Rooster” – Dave B. Mitchell
Pantalone, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “Regrator” – J. Michael Tatum
Arlecchino, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “The Knave” – Erin Yvette
Tartaglia, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “Childe” – Griffin Burns
Sandrone, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “Marionette” – Deneen Melody
Il Capitano, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “The Captain” – Chris Tergliafera
Il Dottore, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “The Doctor” – Mick Wingert
Collei – Christina Costello
Tighnari – Elliot Gindi

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  1. I am Italian and this is such a masterpiece for me, I feel so .. proud of it and I really don't know why but I am just thankful. Italian culture can give interesting points of reflection because it is so beautiful and complex at the same time. It is probably known, it can be found in the comment section for sure but the term "Lazzo", which appears in the title, is not accidental. In the Commedia of Art it means a particular act, (the theatrical performance is divided into acts) that is introduced in the representation to give .. spiciness? at the scene. I love the study behind it

  2. Came back after a month to realise they were teasing sumeru right in front of us- as I never noticed Collei 💀

    I literally love this trailer so much, it really leaves an impact on the Fatui and Dottore's 'experiment'.

  3. okay but like… here's a theory, what if the tree in the last scene where Dottore's clone is shown doing smth… is actually the tree of wisdom from Sumeru? Irminsul? Like when I first saw the tree while doing the Sumeru quest, this trailer was the first thing that came to my mind-

  4. I Feel like sumeru is the turning point of genshin story like there's something going on that will change the whole world of teyvat as in dottore WILL burn irminsul and i can't wait till it happens