1 COMMON MISTAKE For EVERY Legend In Apex Legends!

Today we have 1 Common Mistake for EVERY Apex Legend in Apex Legends Season 13 and beyond! These Apex Legends tips and tricks are meant to fix small issues that have a huge factor on your gameplay. Let me know if this video helps you learn how to get better at apex legends or just how to improve at Apex Legends! Theres a lot of Apex tips out there but these are some of the most overlooked Apex Season 13 tips that you need to know!

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0:00 – Small Things, Huge Factors
0:10 – Critical and Common Mistakes!
14:40 – SLAM That Like BUTTON!


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  1. One thing gibby mains can do is to throw the shield distant facing infront of a ongoing fight then throw a frag grenade at the far end of the shield. If an enemy try to invade the shield ,you can cancel the revive and punch the enemy back. The frag grenade will explode and take away a chunk of the shield

  2. Another good ash snare use, combo it with ring damage, or use it to break up and seperate teams. The hit box of the snare allows you to shoot it past cover and still snag a person behind it,

  3. As someone who mained Mirage ever since season 9 you should also send decoys into other legends' hurtful abilities (fences and fuse tactical plus ult are great examples) to use it for imformation on where they are

  4. I'm fairly sure the Mad Maggie tip isn't accurate; the depth showing 'unknown', or over 13 meters (max depth for Riot Drill), means it won't get through to the other side

  5. I will never forget dying to you on storm point because I have the clip. It definitely humbled me and I actually enjoy your content so I’m constantly learning things

  6. Ash’s tactical is a great tool for Arenas because you can snare enemies who are pushing in to avoid the ring outside of the ring and force them to take a ton of ring damage since they can’t get back into the ring.