Best F2P Player 2800 Combat Rating Diablo Immortal

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  1. I got more than that in 4 weeks without any sub/batte pass.. Now 60(90) in 4 weeks… When i see you burn money for this.. That make me upset.. And make me so lazy for play again… 😥

  2. kids says buying BP is not f2p…. well using internet while playing D.I is also not f2p becoz u pay bills in your internet… pinhed kids smh lol 😛

  3. The only problem is that he has to farm nonstop for thouse tripple stats and chage gear completely +-each 20 levels and farm rhouse tripples again. And again

  4. "That was a close one" – Died more than a few times. lol, ya'll are goofballs. Nice video though. It's entertaining too watch pc users play a mobile with their pc. xD

  5. I see all these ppl talking about he not ftp ewww like somebody wants to be ftp lol get a job so you don't have to worry about other people money smh all these broke mf complaining 😒

  6. I thought he did some good market use with the 465 resonance but he bought the first battle pass which was 14 gem power which equates to 30 redonance at that point. So he is at 435 f2p resonance which is still good but not very good.

  7. Im 2700 f2p barb with 650 ressonance thanks to a good market technique. I bought the battlepass just because paypal sent me 5 dollars as a gift lol. Great job from jake tho! He's got really lucky with the 3's

  8. Some of the comments in this thread are so cringe. Ahh hes not f2p he got the battlepass, noway u get this cr unless u have no lifee, oh he got no skill blah blah , just dont watch the damn channel if u going to bitch. But it is deff possible to get this cr and still have a life.

  9. He isn't really good, he jumped over the boss every time too early, but he has damn nice gear… But pls don't refer gear to skill because best isn't gear… Best would cheese this rift

  10. I’m 2500 cr but I can be higher if I equip all secondary items I see. But I stick with sets (shalbaas rags) and he doesn’t. He’s got skill tho and he’s impressive. Just like me 😜

  11. They should make runes and crests droppable in the outer world and dungeons imo.

    We miss that old school feeling of d2 runes dropping. Legendary gems are too stingy imo. Progression is too slow but that's just me I guess.