Diablo Immortal: 1 Month Later (Free 2 Play) f2p Progress Report Review (No Money Spent Playing)

Find out my progress playing 1 Month of f2p (Free to Play) in game Diablo Immortal. Many people think Diablo Immortal is a cash grab or money sinkhole (pay to win), but it is truly possible to get very far ahead with my Paragon 63 Necromancer character with all Legendary main Armor (level 6 or above) and 5 Legendary secondary Armor (level 2). For the Diablo Immortal character’s main armor, they are all socketed with 2 star gems (level 2 or above). For secondary armor, they are socketed with many level 4 or 5 gems. I achieved Challenge Rift 42 (with some help of course). For the Demonic Portal Helliquary Raid, all 3 Lassal demon difficulty levels passed and level 1 difficulty passed for Vitaath demon. A Warband Camp was established (edepot Warband) for special stash. A warband raid on Lassal was even achieved for the codex trophy. For the Codex, many are above 50% for completing everything. The Bestiary has many discovered monsters (8 unique monsters discovered). Combat ratings for my Diablo Immortal Necromacer character is 1535. Diablo Immortal was played on iPad Pro.

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