the BIG four meta breaking supports – and their importance to Genshin Impact

Genshin’s underdog supports have a large influence on the game’s environment that many players might not realize yet, but as the game continues to be fleshed out and new characters are added, the importance of these 4 supports and others like them will continue to rise.

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Yelan Demo OST Cover by tnbee

KQM Shenhe Guide Ref. & Infographics


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0:00 Intro
1:09 Shenhe’s Importance
3:14 Yun Jin’s Importance
5:10 Kujou Sara’s Importance
7:08 Gorou’s Importance
8:36 The Main Point

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  1. I skipped Shenhe because at that time, Diona is my perfect pair for Ayaka (Healer, Shield, Stamina down). But then I got Kokomi, now I want her rerun ASAP!

  2. I'm glad Genshin is slowly turning to the steps of Honkai
    (For now lets exlude HoS since she is pretty much a MUST have for physical comps, otherwise they would suffer more than teams without Kazuha and Bennett)
    In Honkai, we have Pardo and Haxxor Bunny, Griseo and Carol, Raven, Fischl, and Eden who are specifically picked for their amazing support in their respective teams
    It's true that things may not be as planned (Pardofelis who is a ice support is sometimes better than Raven for HoF lol) but it's still an amazing to know that we don't have to depend on one support all the time (just look at AE Fu Hua, she was practically used on every single elemental team and if you didn't have her, it would be a huge loss)
    So yeah, these niche supports for Genshin are AMAZING, because they finally make teams less Kazuha, Zhongli, and Bennett dependent.

  3. Sometimes I like using niche supports when playing around with teams that do very specific things. For example, I wanted to use chongyun and thoma one day so I built a cryo thoma team based around basic attacks just to see what they could do. Yunjin is perfect in situations like that since it’s all basics! That’s just a small example of her support power but still something lol

  4. Me semi seriously building Gorou as physical dps (trying to see how high I can get his normal atks) because I was getting frustrated with building him as an Itto support…. I've been meaning to build Yunjin as well because I think she'd help out my Razor quite a bit! With Zhongli I've been able to get him to crit 30k but I think I could boost it a bit with her added to the team.

  5. My Gorou is pretty low investment, like still has some purple artifacts, but his buffs to my Itto and Zhongli are insane. And it’ll only get better as I continue to invest in him. Actually insane unit

  6. Kaeya is actually better here, his ult stays exactly with you and does similar damage when buffed the same for some reason hmm, i wonder why that is, maybe theres a limit, anyway i prefer kaeya bc ayaka’s run sucks and her voice is a tumor

  7. I definitely prefer some more niche units but versatile is good as well. niche is greta for me as I like themed teams and having support to best fill thta team then just to slap on Bennett every single time. (Ex. Geo is my favorite element so having Gorou is fun to exclusively buff geo and really only use geo characters for braindead fun.) Copium: geo unit that grants team geo infusion when?

  8. Yunjin I agree with, she has a cool and flexible niche and can be slotted into a lot of different team comps.
    The other 3 however I outright despise. Especially Gorou (You either own Itto or he's useless trash)
    Mono-element team comps completely deny one of the most interesting aspects of the combat system and are also incredibly annoying to run around the world with. So they only really function in the Abyss but still only in specific overly circumstances, it was just a bad idea executed poorly and I will never change my mind on that.

  9. I would really like some more Gorou and Yun Jin constellations to buff my Noelle. They are such great supports. Especially Gorou if he benefited every character as much as he does Noelle he would be considered the best character in the game.

  10. Never mind the vid. If you do that much damage on multiple characters. Grass is green, it has some verities, grass grows on dirt, cows & lamb's ect eat it

  11. Im still disappointed in yunjin because I just cannot stand gorou and his nonexistent and passive combat power. I wanted a more active character to buff my itto

  12. FINALLY someone who understands teams arent just xingqiu bennett and xiangling plus a DPS, aint nothing wrong with that but its fun to do unique and inetresting gameplay.

  13. Since the release of these supports, I knew they will be future-proofed. The more dps that works well (whether it's in terms of elements or a certain stat like normal and atk spd) with these said supports gets released, the more valuable they get in your roster if you have them. They're great for free-to-play players in that sense.