Play PC Games At Ultra 60FPS, Steam Deck, iPhone And Android With Steam Link

This is one of the best features of the steam deck and I haven’t seen many people talking about it. Play PC Games at 60FPS Ultra on the STeamdeck, android phone, tablet, iPhone, and iPad using Remote Play or Steam Link! In this video, I show you how to set up Steam link remote play on the Valve Steam deck, iPhone, Ipad, and android.

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  1. I've found the Android port of steam link to be terrible for smooth gameplay, both my android devices say 60 fps but feel like a juddering 40. The iOS and Windows/Linux versions are perfect.

  2. i thought even after the pairing on steam to steam link you don't have to open the steam on laptop desktop to just leave it then the steam link will have to do it's job

  3. So I'll be able to do this on my coming GPD plus? That will be sick, it will mean I can stream PS3 emulation from computer and play it in handheld! I never knew Steam even had this feature, thanks ETA!

  4. A few months back I found out about this and was considering canceling my steam deck reservation in favor of streaming to my tablet. But I have an ultrawide monitor and any game that supported that aspect ratio wouldn't display correctly unless I went back to my pc and changed the settings. Couldn't do it on the tablet because everything was zoomed in. This was annoying enough to convince me to keep the steam deck reservation.

    Glad I did because it runs everything I play (mostly jrpgs/tactical games) maxed out at 60fps.

  5. @etaprime, follow this video up with Moonlight through Wireguard for external, I guarentee your mind will be blown. I've played triple A titles max settings at 4k@60 from 900 miles away and couldn't notice the difference. I believe my latency was <50ms, which is roughly 3 frames.

  6. Not sure why nobody is talking about this Methodology. It works flawlessly! I've left several larger games on the main system and just streamed them using Steam's service. Moonlight works yes, but its finicky at times and using a perfectly functional service already with the game library you have (with importing non-steam games so easily) it makes sense to just use it. Moonlight after exiting a game will take time when killing the process so you see the desktop and it doesn't seemsely exit the session. Steam uses a similar approach, its just way more streamlined (Steamlined?).
    I can even take this a step further, and just dock my deck, and use one of my phones with the kishi and use steam link to connect it to the deck's library. Such a cool method. Thanks for covering this underdiscussed jewel.