New Apex Legends Anniversary Event Upgrade

New Apex Legends Anniversary Event Upgrade looks to be coming in season 12 instead of season 11 as previously thought. This will be a collection event with an heirloom as there are the normal 24 different skins normally within these events and should also be launching the next gen upgrade to boost consoles to 120 Frames Per Second while also sporting an aim assist nerf for those playing in PC lobbies.

Credit To KralRindo for the info:
Credit To Rascaol For Skins:
credit to Luwba for Loba Recolor:
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  1. I could care less about next gen update I mean for the most part your playing with console on console so the fps is fair but cross progression is really important to me since I built a 4000 dollar set up and have spent a good 700 on my main account on console

  2. im new to Apex because i first played at the end of Season 10, and then played almost all of season 11, even though im new and dont know much about past content or what not, but for me, season 11 was pretty great for me, and im excited to see what Season 12 gonna be.

  3. Bro I hope it let's us get heirloom shards from getting everything in the event. If it doesn't, I'm just gonna buy apex packs with the coins lol