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  1. 677k isn't quite worth it. There's a huge diminishing returns it seems. at 600 kills I got 233k xp. so going to 9000+ for 600k is not at all worth it. It's much better to do many 500 kills kill streak.

  2. It was cool running into you earlier, thanks for letting me run dungeons with you. Sorry I kept dying, I'm still new to h3 and learning how to get my gear stronger

  3. This spot has been amazing since I watched your video thanks!! Did it get nerfed? Ive been using it for the last week and in the last couple days it feels like 2 of the packs were removed. The top left pack (next to the 2 solitary mobs) and the bottom middle right pack. Just makes it so I have to use my movement abilities to get from the right side to bottom left and sometime I drop my streak :/

  4. 1. You find a good spot.
    2. You shared it with the community.
    3. Tons of ppl go to farm there, the spot eventually become useless and blizzard nerfs it.

    Maybe if content creators stop make videos like this, we could use spots like that more than a few days.

  5. I was REALLY enjoying this spot up until a few days ago. Now its flooded with players just like the library. What changed? This freaking video. Thanks. By the way the thanks was sarcasm.

  6. Remove server paragon and let people that play a ton do what they want! If it’s because there are afraid that they are gonna be too powerful they wont be because even a guy that is all p2w can smack you around being much lower

  7. Don't you guys feel ashamed to play like this? Where is the fun?

    Just deleted this piece of shit game where even with a few hundred spend you go NOWHERT

  8. A great video but a good way to have the farm places last longer I feel like would be to not make a video about it therefore spreading awareness to it which might cause them to watch it and possibly nerf it

  9. Gonna ruin all my farm spots, there's some in every zone like this, just please reitterate this so people don't pile into one area and farm it like degenerates and get blizzard to nerf the spot when a nerf was never warranted.

  10. I gave up on this game 2 days into it. It's trash and pretending it's not is a waste of time in this day and age of gaming where there are way better games.