Perilous Trail Event Cutscene Animation: “Moment of Life or Death” | Genshin Impact

Many years ago, the adeptus Sea Gazer made good friends with a thaumaturge. Emulating the story of adepti and mortal kindred spirits recorded in ancient texts, he gave the mortal his treasured device to aid his friend in battle.
He said: “Look, my friend. This contraption is rather intriguing. If you and I activate it, one can move the heavens and shake the earth.
Such is how the world works. What one may fail to do, two may succeed.
I have spent much time gazing at the sea in leisure and have seldom exerted myself, but it is my pleasure to aid others in need.
The battle ahead is fraught with peril. Millennia later, both you and I may linger in this world no more. When the time comes, someone can return this device to the mountains, which will serve as testament to our friendship.”

Thus did the catalyst find its way into mortal homes and stayed in their hands until…

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  1. watch carefully traveler touches his shoulder at the ending……meanwhile xiao as a yaksha , dont touch me ,my evil spirit harmful to human being ,stay away from me🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Looking back at this cutscene, you can tell the Genshin team considers this their finest work to date.

    They flat out tell you this is a cutscene as opposed to a story teaser. If that’s not a sign of pride then I don’t know what is.

  3. looking deeper into this whole archon quest it made me wonder how the characters were all connected in a sense. they had their own reasons for being stuck down there. maybe it was fate.
    anyway, after reading some comments on other videos and taking a minute to reflect on my feelings after rewatching this, there's one takeaway that I've come to realise which is that many people go through internal battles. some tougher than others. in xiaos case he was so resolute about fulfilling his duty as a guardian yaksha and because of this he is blinded to the fact that after many years, losses, there are people like zhongli who still looks out for him in the end, saving him.
    it was a beautiful story. I enjoyed crying to this very much LMFAO im not even sure what I said here made sense

  4. Watching this scene again, and you can tell Zhongli is conflicted about letting Xiao go. However, Xiao is persistent about it and would not be able to find closure regarding the other yakshas without doing this. So in the end, he was allowed to go. Zhongli was likely waiting for Xiao to safely return and could sense when something had gone wrong. The warm enveloping Geo light that surrounded Xiao was his way of protecting him.

    This scene shows just how deep their bond is. The master and his most loyal servant having a deep connection in which they look out for one another. Zhongli and Xiao are close friends. Zhongli even says as much.

    extra: for those reading this, no, they are not canonically father and son. There is no proof that points to that. This is the relationship of a master and servant.

  5. I love Xiao, but I almost wish that he had died, or at least gone missing. It would have been the first character death and shown that Hoyoverse isn't scared to kill off a beloved character. I will be so upset if no one good dies, we can't just lose the villains.

  6. Best cutscene in Genshin so far, the danger and malice of the chasm was palpable as was the fear of the cast, Xiao's sacrifice was heartwrenching, all beautifully animated. Im really happy Zhongli didnt abandon him, now that he is Zhongli he can just do what he wants to and he didnt want to lose Xiao.