Apex Legends in 2021

Today we take a trip down memory lane in Apex Legends and reflect on how far the game has come. Fast forward there’s a lot that’s different in 2021 Apex Legends and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video.

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  1. I remembered starting this game 3 years ago on console and switched to pc and have playing a ton of valorant and I am thinking about going back to apex legends and trying to play pc I just need to find someone that’s on more my other friend is younger and in school still good and positive vibes always and have a good day man

  2. This is a good example, times you tubers don’t get as many kills. Still this is very entertaining and it’s really cool how you can make even the most boring matches enjoyable for everyone watching.

  3. I almost beat this man with a p2020 only died bc I was in final circle he had r99 and I died to zone. I cost him the ranked dub tho lol. I got into 3 games back to back with him. he called me a 🐱 for shooting his drone out lol. Still my favorite apex creator

  4. I've been playing this game for 2year bro same as you stay i wish I knew u than I love it bro been watching you for a year now I can't wait to make so I can meet u see u soon bro

  5. Apex is my favorite game by far too. I didn’t play much cod growing up. When I did it was fun, but nothing compares to apex and the pace of this game. This is the only game that I get an adrenaline kick from Bc there isn’t anything like it. All the chaos in this game is second to none. I can go on about apex all day tbh 😂🤣

  6. I would say 7k matches lol. Just doing math, said u died like 6200 times roughly, plus 600 wins (rounding and estimating). However I prob have to go with bf3 as all time favorite or best game. Truly was ahead of it's time!