Some people say that the iPhone does not need to clean up the memory, which is true for those who have high-memory iPhones, but for those who are “beggar” iPhones, sometimes it is necessary to clear the memory.


1.The easiest way

Press and hold the power button until the [Slide to shut down] page appears, and then press and hold the Home button until you return to the desktop, and the memory is cleaned up.

2.In-app cleanup

Directly select a program with a large cache, such as WeChat, in the storage space option in the system settings.

3.Clear browser cache

We use the Safari browser to access the Internet for many years, and we will definitely leave a lot of cached files, so we can clear the history and website data in the Settings-Safari browser.


The uninstallation here is not uninstallation in the traditional sense. It just deletes the installation files, and the data files will still be retained. In the storage space selection, click a program and select [Uninstall] instead of [Delete].

5.Clean up the album

Over time, photos take up a lot of space. You can turn on the optimized photos [Enable] option in the storage space. In this way, compressed photos will be stored on the device, and full resolution and full size will be stored. Photos will be saved to iCloud, and you can turn off [keep normal exposure photos] in the [Camera] option, which can save space.

Of course, these 5 methods are temporary and not permanent. To really solve the problem, it is best to start with an iPhone with a large memory under the premise that you can afford it.