iPadOS 14.5 Beta 1: Everything You Need To Know!

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  1. Great video. I looked in "Products in video" and I did not see your beautiful Apple watch, although you referred to it at least a couple times in the video. What's up with that?

  2. Danggggg that's a huge update size! Yay landscape loading screen ? I'm kinda dissapointed in these updates ??? Great video Fernando!!!

  3. Ohhh thats why I'm thinking why it switch to 14.5 bc I already downloaded the 14.4 lol

  4. That boot logo in landscape makes me think maybe Apple is preparing to bring an iPad with a front facing camera in the landscape mode? That's the first thing that came to mind. Tell me if you think I'm crazy for thinking this? ??

  5. What is going on everyone? Well, we’re under #wuhanflu draconian lockdowns, forced face muzzles for people that aren’t even sick, so really, not a whole lot…. I guess a bit of $GME trading, but yeah… not much more really.

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