Apple Announces WWDC 2021 For June 7th! Here’s EVERYTHING We Can Expect – NEW Macs, iPads + More!

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Intro 00:00
Hidden Easter Eggs On Apple’s Site
Apple Glass? 00:39
Embracing The Craig Meme (lol) 01:54
MacOS 12 02:09
XCode On iPadOS 15 02:45
New MacBook Pro? 03:00
What Software Announcements Can We Expect? 03:19
Expected Hardware
Redesigned MacBook Pro 04:30
Redesigned iMac 05:48
Mini-LED iPad Pro 06:23
Outro 07:09



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  1. WWDCCCCCCCCCC!!! I'm gonna have to agree with you on the Apple Glass update! Too optimistic! So excited for pro apps on the iPad!!! I NEED FINAL CUT on the iPad!!! I really hope the MacBook comes during WWDC! We both need that so bad!!! RIP no April Event… Awesome video Saran! 😁

  2. But you can't deny that it might have to mean SOMEthing that all the memojies are wearing glasses

  3. 2:22 yeah, WE see a "12" but for the Memoji its "21" – so what's that about? this year, the whole date? 12th June of 21?

  4. Hi Saran, on this cast you said the reflection of the calendar showed 12, but when you look at a reflection the numbers are reverse so this actually shows 21, the year 21?
    Also on the event cast id you watch the video of the girl opening the Mac the icons scroll across her glasses, this would not happen on a reflection of the screen. Your thoughts? Jim

  5. Hey #SaranByte, I asked this question to Dave too, I really need to make a decision. Apple is too complicated at this point, I can't wait for the new Macbooks with 32gb anymore, I have a Late 2013 MBP 15" Retina with 2.6 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 16gb 1600 MHZ DDR3, 512gb SSD and also GeForce GT 750M 2gb. It's working fine, but not enough for vfx and animation production. Battery is completely gone. I heard RAM and SSD wear out in 10 years. If I replace the RAM, Battery and SSD with more storage, would it make it a bit faster and stable until the 32gb M1 / M1x comes out? OR should I just invest in a M1 16gb Macbook right now and take a 50 – 60% loss when trading in for M1x? Budget is tight! Thank you for everything!!

  6. perhaps we could see a press release for the new IPad Pro just like last year apple did. Apple press released IPad Pro 5 days after they announced the wwdc last year.

  7. I personally think iOS 15 will be boring, iOS 14 was such an overhaul with privacy, widgets, the app drawer, being able to hide pages of apps, setting alternative default browsers, changing app icons (although that’s a bit finicky) etc, that iOS 15 will be just improving on these things. But I think maybe iPadOS might be getting an overhaul.

  8. There IS something called reflections but the user interface just doesnt fit the mac, it really looks like it belongs to the glasses (eventhough the apps they chose are rather questionable)

  9. Apple needs to be more cool and strange. Just give the flipping iMacs in a press release so you shock everyone.

  10. I secretly hope there’s Apple Glasses in that! Augmented Reality is probably the tech advance I look forward to the most and if they can find a good way of bringing it to us without silly helmets like Oculus I’m sold. But maybe it’s wishful thinking 😊

  11. Apple is literally trolling every leaker by sending WWDC invites while they were waiting for April event Invites!!

  12. i still believe we get an april event and we will get the 24" imac threre and at wwdc we get new macbooks and a promo of the new mac pro

  13. I know I said am not getting apple stuff for a while but I was pissed that apple is not tellling the date so the next day they told the date so am gonna get stuff lol sorry for bad GRAMMER I gotta do something lol

  14. I will get the Apple TV but now that second am gonna wait until it gets cheaper though it on my list.

  15. If I get the MacBook am gonna need a new desk or get a small table to put the MacBook on my desk is small.

  16. NOT EVEN APRIL JUNE…. TO LATE APPLE.. Though am pumped up for the apple glasses. Jk am actually pumped up for the apple glasses and surprisingly the MacBook LETS GOO BABBY SHARK. Oh man I get mad at apple but they Recover for it.

  17. I hit the like, as usual. I have to say the '12' is a '21' reversed, and refers to the year, not a twelve. It may still be talking about MacOS 12; so you may be right, and what you said might be what it really means, and apple can be forgiven the twisty visual pun, but it isn't the number, the number is a reversed 21.

  18. If Apple will hold an April event, they still don’t need to send the invite 1 weeks before for this is only a online video post on their website and YouTube only.

  19. If the iPads don't come out this year, I can wait till next year. Funny thing though, I had a dream I had my hands on an iPad today.

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