Can you outsmart the apples and oranges fallacy? – Elizabeth Cox

Dig into the false analogy fallacy, which assumes that because two things share a characteristic, they must be alike in other respects.

It’s 1997. The United States Senate has called a hearing about global warming. Some expert witnesses point out that past periods in Earth’s history were warmer than the 20th century. Because such variations existed long before humans, they claim the current trend is also the result of natural variation. Can you spot the problem with this argument? Elizabeth Cox explores the false analogy fallacy.

Lesson by Elizabeth Cox, directed by TOGETHER.

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  1. ‘It’s like comparing apples to orphans, they both taste great and you can’t decide between them’

    -random guy on the internet

  2. Last i have heard, not a single scientists, or person of reason has ever said the globing is not our fault
    Their argument is that we will be fine, and i support the claim that we will be fine if the ice caps melt

  3. Global warming doesn’t make any sense almost all greenhouse gas is water vapor then methane then carbon dioxide almost nobody knows what they are talking about anymore

  4. I watched half way and stopped, which is quite uncommon for my TED-Ed experience. Oh well there are always exceptions.

    We got a whole bunch of many other things that would wipe us out instantly, yet you decide to dwell on global warming.

    And that is actually not really a bad thing. Elizabeth Cox… oh thanks for posting this. Do devote your entire life on this so threatening and urgent matter. Meanwhile I'd just make sure your name won't show in any of my upcoming videos.

  5. You'e right, demon of reason. You may be purple.But you are not Barney or Dibbo The Gift Dragon. Or confuse with a demon itself.

  6. I want to hear the demon's take on the "god of the gaps" fallacy. If he can reconcile the way it got it's name with his own existence, that is.

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