iPadOS 14.3 Finally Out: Everything You Need To Know!

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  1. Nunca supe que mi oficina de Microsoft podría mejorarse hasta que conocí a spy_crack7 en Instagram, hizo un trabajo perfecto para mí.

  2. 3:45 this excuse is bullshit. They should have said "we'll give you the charger in box. And you can return it and get 50$ back. We will use the chargers that come back this way and give them with other products so that those who don't want them can get their money back and those who do won't have to buy them"

  3. HELP!! What is a compatible multi-function laser printer/scanner/fax machine that will fully work with the M1 macs? Can anyone recommend one? Must be compatible with Big Sur and have all the drivers so that I can print, scan and fax from the multi-function machine, preferably wirelessly, and be Airprint compatible for iOS printing.
    Please help.

  4. ☠️BLACK BARON☠️ you need to hit the reload button now in Safari switching from landscape to portrait. Is this web developer html css code specific or just nonsense and annoying on some websites?

  5. Dang this for the reconfirms that Apple hasn’t made the fitness plus app for iPad . I would like it if they did because I use my iPad it’s more than my iphone

  6. The Fitness app on iPad is literally just Fitness+. It doesn’t act like the Fitness App on iPhone. You can’t view you’re rings, progress, or achievements from your Watch. Very disappointing.

  7. I don’t know if it’s me or it also happens to any of you, but I found that after the update the trackpad on my magic keyboard don’t work properly especially for the two fingers gestures.

  8. Great video but would it kill you to clean your iPad screen before hitting record smh ??‍♂️ lol

  9. App Clips were in 14.0. You could launch them in places like the web and Maps. The new thing in 14.3 is the ability to also launch App Clips via scannable codes.

  10. Couple of questions… what are the two widgets for storage and memory? Also, how hard was putting the PaperLike screen protector on your ipad?

  11. I have fitness available on my iPad pro 2020. It works fine if you have fitness plus subscription.

  12. iPad users need to be notified about severe weather somehow. If we don’t ask Siri and are not on the home screen to look at the weather widget then how would we know about severe weather- aside from looking out the window? They should introduce Siri notifications and have Siri become a proactive digital assistant who provides users with relevant information when they need it.

  13. We are on 14.3 now and Apple still hasn’t gone back and made the to-do app widgets interactive like they were on iPadOS 13.

  14. The iPad is a multi-touch device and we still can’t freely adjust an image or photo in the Apple Notes app. This needs to be corrected.

  15. Apple introduced the ability to use custom fonts but still doesn’t allow users to change the font in the Apple Notes app.

  16. Ooh mahn I didn’t know we could connect Amazon , Hulu with Apple TV how is it done ? . how to connect Amazon prime and Hulu to Apple TV ?

  17. Thanks for the video Fernando! I was just wondering if you had a 14.3 recap video and BOOM, there it is XD

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